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  1. Aarron_M

    2018 Mustang RTR, 700HP (Spec 3)

    RTR doesn't have any new ideas, eh?
  2. Aarron_M

    front splitter extension for 550 TP

    Is this a full under splitter, or an "appearance" splitter?
  3. Aarron_M

    Top speed of 2018 Mustang?

    Tunes change how fast tires are rated?
  4. Aarron_M

    Anybody ever fall "out of love" with owning your Mustang?

    That! I currently drive a 2014 STI hatchback. It makes a lot of sense for me, living in Upstate NY. Watching my 2016 GT w/PP sit all Winter long, sucked. And was a big reason I sold it to buy a Subaru. But I do miss my Mustang. In LV, there's absolutely no reason to go STI over S550.
  5. Aarron_M

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    Magma-ride *Dr Evil laughs with pinky*
  6. Aarron_M

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    You can't add the magna-ride, even with the PP selection, without adding 301A for $3700. Can't add the active exhaust without adding 301A for $2900. So much for a Base GT w/PP, active exhaust and magna-ride.
  7. Aarron_M

    Any wrx to mustang converts?

    No bump in power for the 2018 STI/WRX. Confirmed. They will get 6 pot Brembo's, Recaro's, and an electronically controlled diff. I agree the Subaru crowd is a pretty laid back crowd overall, but there are the younger generation and the hardparkers that give them a bad rep(vape anyone?)
  8. Aarron_M

    Any wrx to mustang converts?

    They're seeing record sales, I'm sure they don't care too much. I agree the STI could use a 2.5 FA, forged internals and about 400hp to be competitive with the domestics again. They could offer XT(turbo) models of cars like the Crosstrek and BRZ and they'd sell like hotcakes.
  9. Aarron_M

    Any wrx to mustang converts?

    I've owned 3 STI's, and have test driven WRX's, including the newest one. The WRX is not even close to the STI in terms of confidence and ability stock vs stock. The STI on a back road will hang with the S550, it's not a straight line terror sort of car. The AWD will give you amazing...
  10. Aarron_M

    Retractable spoiler?

    You can't explain that. You don't argue with the dumb.
  11. Aarron_M

    My review of my AWE Touring catback (5.0)

    Did you receive any discounts, or payment for your review? Just wanted to know, not accusing you. There seems to be a lot of interest in their products for the S550. Look forward to a video.
  12. Aarron_M

    PP wheels on Base GT Rubbing

    Hops? I have no clue what you're talking about now. From a stop, with the wheel all the way turned, and then you try and drive off?
  13. Aarron_M

    PP wheels on Base GT Rubbing

    Turning your wheel shouldn't affect rubbing on the strut.
  14. Aarron_M

    PP wheels on Base GT Rubbing

    Are you sure you have the wider 9.5 in the rear and not the front? Just making sure you know that the fronts are 9in wide, and the rears are 9.5. The 9.5's won't clear without spacers up front, but they should be in the rear if you have a complete OEM set. Check the inside of the wheel...
  15. Aarron_M

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Yeah, the boxer isn't the problem. And there's plenty of Subaru's on the road with over 100k miles that'd testify to that. The boosted motor's weak point is the cast pistons.
  16. Aarron_M

    Am I going to hate all season tires?

    I lived in CO for 10 years. THIS is what you need to do. Get some aftermarket wheels that are wider and lighter than your stock PP wheels, and buy some dedicated snows to drive on late-Oct through Mar in CO.
  17. Aarron_M

    If you wrecked and totalled your Mustang, what would you replace it with?

    I'd get an 11-14 STI hatch in white if I could find a low-mileage, stock version. Otherwise, I'm likely to get a white 2017 STI sedan. With some changes in my life, the RWD, lowered v8 isn't as useful.