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  1. BrianH87

    Frustrating to park it all winter

    That’s why I have my Raptor. Not the same, but still fun to drive in this garbage winter weather.
  2. BrianH87

    Thoughts on Paxton

    I believe you. Just not sure why the install manual says you need to do all that. Did you skip steps or is my manual wrong? Hope to see you around sometime.
  3. BrianH87

    Thoughts on Paxton

    No, I mean the radiator brackets. And the windshield washer fluid tank. And the air box. And the side and upper radiator shrouds. Plus, whatever lines need bent for the AC. Maybe none of that is needed for 15-17. But on 18+, that's what it calls for.
  4. BrianH87

    Thoughts on Paxton

    Nothing wrong with a Paxton or Vortech. I just didn't like all the cutting and altering needed to install one. With the ProCharger, most of that isn't necessary.
  5. BrianH87

    5.0 50k miles overdue for oil change.

    If you truly have oil with 50K on it, save some of it for analysis. I'd love to see the results.
  6. BrianH87

    What is normal fuel pressure with and without a BAP

    I always thought DI was around 2000 psi. PI around 40-80 psi.
  7. BrianH87

    Help me in choosing my next mustang, gt or ecoboost?

    I honestly don’t think I could ever get tired of the sound of the coyote. But if I did, that’s what quiet mode is for on the active exhaust.
  8. BrianH87

    Beware of McDavid ford

    Weak attempt at trying to get a sale. I think the salesman is just full of shit. I don't think anyone would sell a car that has already had the paperwork completed. I don't think you can.
  9. BrianH87

    OPG Needed on 2020 Models

    One question that nobody seems to be able to answer is how the balancer / crank pulley changed again for 2020. It is indeed different than 18-19. If you install a Roush SC on a 2020, you must also change the balancer. My personal opinion seems to be they went back to the 15-17 elastomer...
  10. BrianH87

    Ford performance supercharger

    I agree. It may seem like these guys are being harsh, but they are telling you the truth. The Roush blower will get the job done, but there are much better options now. Unless you absolutely have to have the warranty, I would go elsewhere.
  11. BrianH87

    Motorcraft 5W-20 vs 5W-30 Synthetic Blend.

    1st gen coyote's with track packs were all factory filled with 5w-50. It is worth noting that the motorcraft 5w-50 shears very quickly to a 40 and then 30. Just take a look at some oil analysis reports on svtperformance. There's two sides to this coin. 1 - What's the point in running the...
  12. BrianH87

    Whipple Order Placed!

    I hope their wait times have improved. It was up to 3 months when I tired to order one.
  13. BrianH87

    So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    I owned a 2017 RS for a few years. It was definitely a fun vehicle to DD. But I wouldn't consider it, in stock form, anywhere close to an 18+ GT. I'm sure modified it becomes a different beast. But that can be said for any modified vehicle. The best part of the RS was the AWD system and the...
  14. BrianH87

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    Believe me, I know how you feel. I went through something similar with my Raptor. I broke down on my way home from taking delivery. It’s a terrible feeling. My dealer was awesome though. I ended up in a new one that same day. It was easy for them because they had a second one on the lot...
  15. BrianH87

    Any Experiences? Procharger 18+ Mustang 5.0 HO Intercooled System with Factory Airbox and P-1SC-1 (50 STATE LEGAL) Product 1FW611-SCI

    Jackson, are you running a separator? Trying to figure out which UPR one will work with this specific kit. There are lots of options, but I don't see one for this exact kit.
  16. BrianH87

    Any Experiences? Procharger 18+ Mustang 5.0 HO Intercooled System with Factory Airbox and P-1SC-1 (50 STATE LEGAL) Product 1FW611-SCI

    I didn't know that tuners don't like to tune with the MAF in the IC. What do guys usually do? Move it to one of the charge pipes, like the other kits? Anyone know who specifically may tune this setup as it sits? I'm not planning on doing this anytime soon, but maybe in the future.
  17. BrianH87

    Star wars or Star trek, which society would you prefer to live in?

    Star Wars for me. Obviously if the New Republic are the ones running things. Thing may have been rough in the days of the Empire or First Order.
  18. BrianH87

    Any Experiences? Procharger 18+ Mustang 5.0 HO Intercooled System with Factory Airbox and P-1SC-1 (50 STATE LEGAL) Product 1FW611-SCI

    I actually just got the stage 2 version of this same kit. I just need some free time to install it now. I liked the look of the kit with the carbon fiber intake, close to stock appearing, and the fact that it was 50 state legal. More and more states are adopting CARB laws, so that played a...
  19. BrianH87

    Procharger Blips on Startup and Stalls

    Good to hear it was something relatively easy. I know taking off the bumper again sucks, but it could have been worse.