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  1. 20ducks

    Wheel torque values

    Got It...much thanks!
  2. 20ducks

    Wheel torque values

    On my 2020 5.0 with 20" OEM wheels, inflation amount, load values and lug nut torque amount are figures put every where. I'm in the process of installing new tires and wheels. Wheel nut torque for the OEM wheel is set at by Ford to be 150lbs. I am still waiting for CARiD to get back with me...
  3. 20ducks

    How much dirt (rough %) can you remove just by hose vs Foam gun + hose vs foam cannon/pressure washer. NO contact.

    No matter what is sprayed on the vehicle, it doesn't remove enough dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, iron dust and whatever else may be on the clear coat. Unless something is used to contact and remove the contaminants in the proper manner, it isn't worth doing.
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    Upside down?

    So I receive the center caps I ordered: 2ea were perfect 1ea had the center piece placed on the center cap upside down, read the outer ring I have requested from the seller (a retail outfit) a replacement for the upside down version Do I have a justifiable demand? (see attached photos for...
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    2019 GT Best Lowering Springs

    I would get the wheels first then the springs, especially with the size tires you are getting. Or get them and take your chances. Hopefully, your wheels can be returned if they will not fit properly.
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    Convertibles Photos Thread

    I've put on about 1000 miles with no negative affect. I plan on installing new sway bars and related attachments within a month or so. Also some dress wheels and summer tires arriving in a fortnight. I am looking forward to warmer weather. BTW, I'm not out to make my caar a speed machine but I...
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    Good Suspension and Alignment Shop in Kansas City area?

    I'm guessing: House of Boost would be one. How about Auto Tech.
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    Convertibles Photos Thread

    The front has been lowered with no spacers. The rear has not been lowered and has 25mm spacers.
  9. 20ducks

    2018 gt 20 " wheel replacement

    They are not off the car yet, I'm about a month away. I have to figure out a price. They have 4100 miles on them. If all seems on track I will take close ups of all wheels. Where would these be shipped to? I live in western Shawnee, KS now (about 15 miles from Jayhawk Capital: Univ of KS).
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    OEM headlamp part number

    Delete.....cannot replace this LED headlamp with a higher temp version. End of story.
  11. 20ducks

    OEM headlamp part number

    2020 GT ......what is the OEM part number and does anyone know what temp this bulb is? Anyone replace it with a LED configuration?
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    Black Wheels

    Thanks, my favorites won't fit my GT. Dammit. I'll check out the link you posted.
  13. 20ducks

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    ez-gt how about some tire and wheel details? they look great!
  14. 20ducks

    2018 gt 20 " wheel replacement

    Are you looking for one wheel or a set of 4......I've got a set of 4 in perfect condition. LMK
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    1 post, Sounds Nigerian. What say you ??

    Zelle is a total waste of everything, especially truth.
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    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Took these only a few days ago:
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    My wife started to look at the engine compartment and found something new...

    As she looked at the engine and all the other stuff (Coyote) she came across something new to her: she saw a chrome handle with letters engraved on its face that had her stumped. So later in the day she came up to me and asked me what "710" is. Totally baffled her. So I took the handle etc out...
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    Raggtopp Top Dressing

    Finally bought some Ragtopp Protectant. I applied 2 coats...