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  1. AutoX_GT

    FS: SVE S350 20x10 Graphite Wheels / Micky Thompson Street Comp Tires

    What image hosting site are you guys using? The pics are showing on my computer, but nobody else can see them. Iv'e posted the links to the pics until I can figure why they won't host.
  2. AutoX_GT

    FS: SVE S350 20x10 Graphite Wheels / Micky Thompson Street Comp Tires

    For Sale: SVE S350 (GT350 replica) 20x10 Graphite Wheels / Micky Thompson Street Comp Tires. Local Pickup ONLY. Sold car and no longer need! Columbus, OH Complete wheel and tire package including TPMS sensors and spline lug nuts. Purchased new beginning of this summer from LMR as a complete...
  3. AutoX_GT

    Paxton Install help

    I think you're confusing the silver plug with the actual black bard in your pic. The 3/8 hose connects to the 90 degree barb in your pic.
  4. AutoX_GT

    FS: Paxton 2200SL Supercharger "Tuner Kit"

    Trading car and going a different route..
  5. AutoX_GT

    FS: Paxton 2200SL Supercharger "Tuner Kit"

    Well that's all dependent on your fuel setup and tune. For me I was on 47lb injectors and 91 tune from Paxton. 525whp With ID1000 injectors,a BAP and custom tune you can reach 600+ easy on 93 pump.
  6. AutoX_GT

    FS: Paxton 2200SL Supercharger "Tuner Kit"

    Lowered price to $4000!
  7. AutoX_GT

    FS: Paxton 2200SL Supercharger "Tuner Kit"

    SOLD I am selling my Paxton 2200SL Tuner Kit. Location: Columbus, OH Approximately 4K flawless miles on the kit. 3.8 pulley from Paxton never removed. Break in oil change completed at 2500 miles as recommended. I purchased kit last summer from Beefcake. Includes everything the tuner kit...
  8. AutoX_GT


    20x10 Gloss Graphite w/ Micky Thompson Street Comps Rear - 305/35/20 Front - 275/35/20 Steeda Linear Sport Springs Rear is perfectly flush, front is exactly where I want it, slightly tucked. Love these wheels!
  9. AutoX_GT

    Paxton Supercharger Installed: My Thoughts and Experiences

    I have the same setup, no OPG's. just keep your rev limiter at the stock redline. You'll be fine. Also I have the same tires you ordered. 305 MT street radials. They definitely hook great when warmed up.
  10. AutoX_GT


    I ordered the 20x10 gloss graphite packaged with the MT street comps staggered. 305 rear and 275 front. Should be here tomorrow, I'll post picks when I get them in.. Super excited!
  11. AutoX_GT

    What to do before supercharger??

    I was going to install the billet parts, but decided against it. Not enough evidence that stock OPG's break below the stock rev limiter after being fully warmed up. Thousands of Roush stage 3's are out there without a single issue. Iv'e beat the shit out of my 7k limiter on my Paxton, bounced...
  12. AutoX_GT

    I spotted a new ford more rare than the GT350 today...

    Wow that's terrible. I'd rather just buy a Raptor.
  13. AutoX_GT

    Thinking about trading her in

    If your car is in good condition which I'm sure it is, carmax will most likely give you the top of the trade in value. I speak from experience from previous sales with them. It's very east as well. Appraisal, offer and check same day.
  14. AutoX_GT

    Wheel Thieves

    Poor vehicle placement on that dealership's part. Should have been parked in the showroom floor or in front of the building under lights and cameras. Not in the grass by the road.
  15. AutoX_GT

    Roush car curiosity......

    Whether it's true or not I personally believe it's more of a high RPM issue. Guys running above 7500 and so.. Iv'e never heard of a Roush stage 3 car breaking OPG's. There tune is set for the same RPM limiter as factory.
  16. AutoX_GT

    Stock tires squirrelly

    Yeah these Pzeros are awful! I have driven more miles on drag radials than these..
  17. AutoX_GT

    Boost Guage

    I swapped my GT PP gauges with the ecoboost PP gauges. People say that it's not accurate, but I hit almost 10 psi on my Paxton 3.8 pulley and I have to say it's pretty accurate in my case and looks great.. If you have a PP though.. lol
  18. AutoX_GT

    FR500 rims on s550

    I would recommend a taller aspect ratio on your next tires. Something like 275/40/18 so that you can fill in the fenders a bit better.