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  1. spogshd

    Ati Balancer

    I'd forgotten all about this, yes i still have it. Let me know if you are interested. Craig
  2. spogshd

    Ati Balancer

    A must if your supercharging £250
  3. spogshd

    GT 550 GT Reg plate for sale

    I sold my car but kept the plate if anyone wants to make a bid/offer GT 55 0GT is currently on retention, It needs to go back on a mustang. spogshd 8/11/20
  4. spogshd

    Hood vents

    I did my own three years ago
  5. spogshd

    2016 supercharged convertible

    Sorry its a manual with 5500 miles 3500 on this digital dash and 2000 on the original dash.
  6. spogshd

    2016 supercharged convertible

    For sale 2016 supercharged (750 bhp) convertible lots of extra upgrade's. Manual, 5500 miles reason for selling is I need the space for my 69 fast back. Looking for 45k may take a Px if its the right car Under the hood Stage 2 Roush supercharger with DW95 injectors,Lund ngauge with a Lund...
  7. spogshd

    MGW Short shift std

    Dropped it to £299 plus £20 postage
  8. spogshd

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    I also agree with what your saying, I didn't pull the roof down even when it was sunny:sun:
  9. spogshd

    RST noise at low rpm/speed

    I have it too, its a pain in the ass, sounds horrible.
  10. spogshd

    Exedy ET04XD vs McLeod RST

    I've got the RST in mine, but hell its noisy low down, like rubbing a symbal round on a concrete floor in circles, Is anyone else experiencing this. Its about a 1200 miles now.
  11. spogshd

    Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    I followed the instructions on the MGW vid so i guess i had it right.
  12. spogshd

    Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    Not long did about 1500 miles with it.
  13. spogshd

    Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    That's interesting can they be swapped around for this purpose or are you just guessing this could be the case.
  14. spogshd

    Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    I hated my MGW shifter, took it out last week and went back to stock , I might add that my ride is RHD. I know a couple of guys that did the same. I had to use quite a lot of palm pressure to get it to go in first then to second, if i didn't it would want to go from first to forth (so I was...
  15. spogshd

    MGW Short shift std

    For sale MGW short shift (std) £350. Reason for sale was my wife hated it. lol
  16. spogshd

    2018 OEM Oil

    A Magic blend of Anti tick oil.:surprised:
  17. spogshd

    Wanted UK - 2016/17 V8 Supercharged manual with correct Mods

    How much did you want to pay, just curious.
  18. spogshd

    Aussie Exhausts

    Anyone help out, i'm after two oval xforce back boxes 3" x 3" with varex, plus a smart box. I also need them shipping to the UK. Can anyone recommend anyone.
  19. spogshd

    BBQ tick - another attempt to understand

    I got my wires crossed, about the piston slap, he said he didn't think it was piston slap. No borescope was used just a stethoscope. This report was done not to find out what the cause is but more what it isn't. Ford said its the bottom end and it was caused by the tune, and its not the case as...
  20. spogshd

    PHOTOS The Dealership Wrecked My 3 Month Old Mustang

    Well said, enjoy your new ride.