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  1. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    Its simple, His views on youtube have tanked, Especially on the GT500 content. He didnt buy this car for his own personal interests, He bought it for content/views and having a $120k car only getting 15-30k views on the videos he makes with it brought him back down to reality real quick. He isnt...
  2. Post your pictures of how Ford doesn't give a crap

    Ford has always had quality issues. I used to work at a Ford dealer and some of the cars that came off the truck from the factory look like the workers had a game to see how fast they could put cars together drunk. I've seen cars with numerous paint runs, panel gaps you can damn near fit the tip...
  3. Selling gt350.. do you let someone test drive?

    As with pretty much any high performance car, It all comes down to how experienced and serious the potential buyer is. I remember selling my 1998 Camaro Z28, I would let anyone test drive it and this one test drive, I was a passenger and this idiot floored it on a curvy on ramp, Then the car...
  4. Ford Dealers are Terrible

    As an employee who went from a Ford dealership to a BMW dealership, Its like 2 completely different worlds. I can see why people stick to the higher end brands now. That is something Ford hasnt addressed is their customer service/dealership issues yet they keep hiking the prices up on...
  5. Took delivery of a new 2019 gt350r last night. Here's how it showed up...

    As a former lot porter/detailer for a big ford dealership, None of this surprises me. I can already tell you someone took one of those wooden broom brushes, which was likely heavily soiled from scrubbing dozens of base model Focus/Fiesta hubcaps, to those wheels. As far are the shammies used to...
  6. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I just dont see how anyone would want this over a GT350 unless you want the A10. They are definitely going to be similarly priced and you know Ford dealers are going to try to mark this up like they do with everything else.
  7. 54,000 Mile Oil Analysis - Increased Lead

    Lol. Its always the GT owners who say this dumb shit. If this motor was only designed to go 60k miles, The GT350 wouldnt have even made it to production with the Voodoo motor. The GT350 warranty isnt any different than your GT warranty.
  8. 1st Delivery

    Of course this annoying ass kid gets the 1st delivery. Dude is really going to be milking out the clickbait now while everyone else waits for theirs.
  9. GT500 listings and ADM - So it's begun

    Dealers were trying to get $20k+ for regular GT350's and now they are rotting on dealer lots for $5k-8k off MSRP. Ford dealerships are going to be in for a rude awakening trying to get these crazy ADM's on a $80-$100k car and driving away customers. There are just way to many other options...
  10. Most 2019’s no Recaro seats?

    I really like the regular seats in the GT350, They remind me of upgraded 03/04 Cobra seats, Which IMO are the perfect seats for a street car.
  11. It's still just a Mustang...

    That is the reason why im into Mustangs to begin with, I like flying under the radar and not driving around in a car that gets attention because people think its an expensive super car. There about to be alot of C8 Corvette owners driving around in their $60k mid engine "super car" acting like...
  12. Magnetic GT500 pictures

    That is the first picture of the GT500 that really makes it look like an ordinary v6 from 2015
  13. Hilarious dealer listing

    Thats a scumbag dealer move right there. It legit looks like they are pretending like they actually have one in stock
  14. My neglected 5.0

    Atleast wash the car once in a while. Bird crap will eat right through that clear coat
  15. 2020 GT500 Curb Weight and Dimensions Released

    Hopefully it hides its weight alittle better than a Hellcat because that car feels like a damn train
  16. Honestly, who prefers the GT 5.0 over GT350?

    I was never a fan of the GT350 as a $60k car plus all the crazy adm's, but seeing them in the mid to low $40k now has completely turned me onto them
  17. 2017 GT350 or Brand new GT PP2

    I'd take the GT350 in a heartbeat just for the transmission alone
  18. Gt350 or C8

    I'm waiting for the C7Z prices to tank. A supercharged 650HP manual 2 seater sports car at a discount is going to be extremely hard to say no to
  19. Help with dealership oil change advice

    As someone who has worked at a few dealers in the service department(including Ford), Stay FAR away from them unless its something like a recall/warranty work. The whole service department is basically a rat race of low end techs who are forced to rush through cars in unrealistic time frames and...
  20. NEW 2017 GT350 vs 2019 GT350

    Hard pass on the 2017. 2019 is the way to go. It has a refresh, updated engine, 2 and half years newer. The 2017 is going to take a hard depreciation as soon as you drive it off the lot since it will be a 2 and a half year old used car as soon as you take it home.