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  1. Commbubba19

    so my old car got stolen....

    i ended up trading my 17 GT for a Ranger. I rarely drove the mustang and found a really good deal on a pickup where i will actually use the bed. anyway, that was about 4 weeks ago. I found out today via fb that my car was purchased from the dealer i traded it to and the next day was stolen...
  2. Commbubba19

    S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    19 Edge ST (current) 17 Mustang GT (current) 18 Highlander SE (traded for Edge ST) 17 Tacoma OR (sold - Bought 17 GT) 15 Mustang GT (Traded for Tacoma) 16 Edge Sport (traded for Highlander) 15 4Runner (traded for Edge Sport) 15 Evo X (bought, then traded for 15 Mustang) 11 Civic SI (bought and...
  3. Commbubba19

    Why did one of my wheel spacers change color?

    my first thought is heat
  4. Commbubba19

    Pre-collision light bar - buzzing noise

    i've taken most of that area apart and used foam and bits to resolve rattles. that's one piece i haven't removed but i'm guess with a pry tool you could pop it loose and attach small pieces of felt to stop the rattle.
  5. Commbubba19

    Should this be loose?

    it just a cover that has small tabs that keep it in place. i removed my a-pillar and used small bits of felt to secure the tweeter and help hold that cover in place a bit better.
  6. Commbubba19

    Elegant vs. Aggressive S550 Build?

    nope, it's pug fvckin ugly. but it's his car and he can do what he wants. however, elegant is not the word to describe it.
  7. Commbubba19

    Elegant vs. Aggressive S550 Build?

    yikes, that's just....bad....
  8. Commbubba19

    Tune - expectations

    Sure bud, just send me a message. Weather's been great this week. I got another revision today so i'll try that out. Turn around time with PBD has been great.
  9. Commbubba19

    Tune - expectations

    So I've been running the Ford power pack 1 tune for over a year. I put this on the car shortly after purchasing so I didn't have much seat time with the stock tune. I did notice in D that it was more willing to downshift, but other than that, I couldn't tell a difference. A dyno may have...
  10. Commbubba19

    Ford Power Pack Stg 1 to PBD Tune - Problems

    Yeah I was using the load stock tune function. That’s good info.
  11. Commbubba19

    Ford Power Pack Stg 1 to PBD Tune - Problems

    I made some headway. my dumbass probably should have reverted the car to stock stock using the ford pro cal tool. so reading through fords documentation I found you can use the revert function to return the car to true stock via pro cal. However this may take multiple flash attempts...
  12. Commbubba19

    Ford Power Pack Stg 1 to PBD Tune - Problems

    I decided to take advantage of the black friday sale and picked up an ngauge and PBD tune. I've been running the FPP 1 tune for awhile and just am getting bored. So far I haven't had much luck with this. I flashed the first iteration that PBD gave me and it needs work. After sending them...
  13. Commbubba19


    anybody have a stock uncut full catback for 15-17 cars they don't want?
  14. Commbubba19

    Black Friday sales start now @Lethal Performance!

    pbd tune + ngauge - you say $150 off but when i package it up i'm at $485. Only shows the discount for the tune. not the ngauge.
  15. Commbubba19


    I used too when i was younger. Now I'm old and have the luxury of parking it. Snow tires and knowing how to put a bit of opposite lock and throttle control and you're golden.
  16. Commbubba19

    New car time. What cars are you considering w/replacing your Mustang?

    i had nothing but problems. And most everyone around here has had nothing but problems. It was even reported that subaru quality has tanked in the last few years. I just can't consider them as an option anymore.
  17. Commbubba19

    New car time. What cars are you considering w/replacing your Mustang?

    You're delusional if you think Subaru and build quality go into the same sentence.