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    Can you tell the different between 87 and 93 octane?

    Best reply yet. This should be made sticky to prevent more posts on the same subject.
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    Engine Failure.. It finally happened.

    Yes that was my experience - and right after a service. Less miles though. I think a new engine is a plus as it has no miles.
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    looks really good!
  4. car

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Looks quacking good!
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    Premium Petrol

    Yes if there is good price (we have a app where you can see the prices for the next day) I might top up a 3/4 tank with the lower 91. If it is a half tank I fill up on 95. Just saves a bit. Our fuel costs about 60 USA cents a litre (about 2.40 a gallon) so if you can save a bit.....
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    Premium Petrol

    I used to think 91 and 95 in our state were very similar just more expensive BUT there is real difference with the higher octane. Definitely goes better. I usually top up with 91 and fill up from 50% with the 95. (91 is USA 87 and 95 here is your 91.)
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    Just found out my car has a Lemon/Manufactorer buyback

    If you want reliable get a Lexus or Toyota. We have had Lexus suvs for years now - not one problem in 25 years! And fantastic trade in values. If want sheer driver driving pleasure get a Mustang GT. Mostly trouble free other than a stuffed engine lol. Presently a trunk lid that opens when it...
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    It's getting old

    In these uncertain times the one thing that is really constant is my joy at driving the stang!
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    Trunk lid not opening intermittent fault 2019

    Thx guys give me something to do today.
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    Trunk lid not opening intermittent fault 2019

    Thx for that but does the trunk lock (which is not on the lid but on the body) use the same harness?
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    Trunk lid not opening intermittent fault 2019

    My trunk wont unlock sometimes - not consistent. This morning it would not open by the remote , lock on the back and the button in the car. Then an hour or two later works perfectly. If I take it to the dealer I'm sure it will work perfectly. Anyone had the problem or got a fix?
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    Service Pickup and Delivery

    I just had it done b4 the cv madness and I always wait for it. Took nearly 2 hours but I did some work remotely keeping a good distance away from everyone.
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    Technical question about valve noise 2019 S550 PP2

    I added Ceratec. Cant hear it now. And interestingly in Australia Ford recommends 5W30.
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    What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Vin number spot? All Mustangs have them.
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    Seat belt guides for Recaros?

    yes my seats have the standard guides but they are pretty useless.
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    Seat belt guides for Recaros?

    This one.
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    Seat belt guides for Recaros?

    I love my Recaros. But I want the little leather guides that keep the seat belts in place. Stupid prices from Japan for such a small guide. Anyone found another supplier?
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    Car Seats and Sciatica

    One answer is Recaros! Best seat I have ever had - by far!
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    My engine is deceased.....

    I'm certain its not the techs or the place that services it. I just wondered if the factory oil might have something in it that protects the engine.
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    My engine is deceased.....

    mine was broken rings. But why does it happen at 15K after a service?