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  1. JohnDoe

    2017 convertible with smartTOP module

    15mph if you zoom in. Works up to 30
  2. JohnDoe

    Cell phone holder / mount

    There are magnet mounts designed for Qi charging nowadays. The metal plate design is changed to a circular ring with a hollow center. Works very well, but I just haven't upgraded to them yet, because sometimes I need to use my phone and charge it at the same time which allows me to lounge back...
  3. JohnDoe

    Cell phone holder / mount

    left side is my phone on the magnet mount, right side is the magnet mount with no phone
  4. JohnDoe

    Leave top unlocked or locked while opening?

    Never once in my life did I ever try to change the position of the handle once I unlock it. Especially not now with the smart top module. The moment you unlock it, it auto opens.
  5. JohnDoe

    Aggressive convertible spoilers?

    You have to screw it in
  6. JohnDoe

    Operating top too much?

    I've been using it almost daily for the past 5 years and at least once a week this past winter season since it wasn't too bad at all. Even more so with the SmartTop module, many times multiple times per day. Every time I start the car, reach my destination, get back in the car, more errands, up...
  7. JohnDoe

    Ecoboost Owners with Muffler Delete: How's the daily driving sound?

    So far so great, put some 9" resonated tips on and you're golden. Don't waste your money on this $500 bullshit. No aftermarket exhaust for a 4banger sounds good. Straight piping a 2.3T is about the most natural sounding exhaust note you're going to get.
  8. JohnDoe

    Lifted Mustangs

    I just need longer brake lines, but I don't know anything about brake line fittings, sizes and all that mumbo jumbo
  9. JohnDoe

    BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Noticed how pretty she looked while walking back to car and had to snap a pic or 10 Looks like the tires are huge lol
  10. JohnDoe

    Looking To Purchase A Mustang Convertible, Some Questions

    Oh wow you're right about the pictures. What the hell
  11. JohnDoe

    Looking To Purchase A Mustang Convertible, Some Questions

    They're ALL manuals. I already have that filtered in.
  12. JohnDoe

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Rained on and off all day but was able to go fast enough to keep rain out
  13. JohnDoe

    Looking To Purchase A Mustang Convertible, Some Questions There's a few 2018 and 19's under 26k in there
  14. JohnDoe

    2015 Mustang Picture Game!

    There are fields everywhere. Someone needs to drive their lazy ass to a field. Doesn't matter if it a grass field, baseball or damn corn.
  15. JohnDoe

    10.2" Horizontal display Android 4.4.2 touch screen radio

    I will definitely make a thread. I've watched other videos of people hard-wiring the factory rear view camera to aftermarket android units by splicing. Looks simple enough, but I think I'm just going to take it to a shop and have them fix my rear view camera wiring as well (it's cut from the...