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  1. 5.0_SD

    Budget supercharger build for a daily?

    I have both BMR and Steeda with no issues and its my daily...see sig.
  2. 5.0_SD

    Replacement Metal paddle shifter

    That's why I never married, lol! jk...I'm not on IG or FB but I was wondering, can you do these in colors...meaning something close to Lightning Blue?
  3. 5.0_SD

    Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    See my sig for midrange. Unity U3, 3" midrange for near the top of the door, no tweeter. (Don't know if the 18's up have a bigger mid there).
  4. 5.0_SD

    Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    I do not recommend tapping into the cigarette lighter. The trunk is the best spot as been said above and many times in this thread. I tapped in the trunk to DSP and Two amps.
  5. 5.0_SD

    Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Wow, weird to hear that...he's always been very kind and extremely generous with his time when I've dealt with Hextall.
  6. 5.0_SD

    Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    @B1GG1MP1N Harness by Hextall @HextallS550 Plugs right into factory wiring with a factory cutting or splicing. Then FORscan to make your HU output low-level through the rca's that are on the harness.
  7. 5.0_SD

    ★ Quiet Down Your Interior in Seconds! - Blockit Pre Cut Sound Deadener

    I'm sorry I do not. I don't even have the microphone anymore either (it's lost somewhere at my house). I will try and find it. I'm not sure, but maybe @TKO Performance has some sound charts? (It most likely would not be sound charts for a mustang though).
  8. 5.0_SD

    ★ Quiet Down Your Interior in Seconds! - Blockit Pre Cut Sound Deadener

    All I can say is I tested with a microphone with the mat in and out with what's in my sig and I saw less "noise" with it in...ymmv.
  9. 5.0_SD

    ★ Quiet Down Your Interior in Seconds! - Blockit Pre Cut Sound Deadener

    Also depends how much you've done to your suspension and what tires you have...those are all variables that play a part; It's really designed to take out certain frequencies of road noise, etc.
  10. 5.0_SD

    Blue car with red interior?

    Your car, do what YOU want and like, doesn't matter what others know the old saying, opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got 'em.
  11. 5.0_SD

    Powered Subwoofer Install w/ Pics (RF Punch 12)

    Not sure as I went low level out through rca harness to dsp and amps.
  12. 5.0_SD

    Powered Subwoofer Install w/ Pics (RF Punch 12)

    If you are using rca's to an amp then yes; you need to enable low level outs, by default its high level outputs. Have to have the harness as well.
  13. 5.0_SD

    How are those carbon fiber interior trim panels/parts?

    No not yet and @Nagare will give me crap about it. I tend to buy when I have money then it becomes a question of time. It is on my radar and I'm hoping to start sanding some spare interior parts I have to prep for the background color paint. After that I will need to decide to send the painted...
  14. 5.0_SD

    F-150 Manifold Testing/Journey

    I have a 15-17 F-150 mani that I never installed if someone wants to buy it...PM me.
  15. 5.0_SD

    AudioDesignsCG Custom Subwoofer Box Review

    The subwoofer speaker itself has to be removed to get to the bolt. The way it was done is we placed the box where it needed to be, drilled through the box, through the frame of the car (I made sure nothing would be affected by the bolt, all clear). We then put anti-corrosion paste around the...
  16. 5.0_SD

    Avoid Opt7

    See my signature on how to fix the ones that don't work. I did @Grimmer fix on mine and they work perfect. Now I did the install initially with that fix because I didn't want to have to take them out if they didn't work and I knew Grimmers fix would work.
  17. 5.0_SD

    15-17 intake manifold improvements?

    One in the marketplace...
  18. 5.0_SD

    Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    @[email protected] you being in Florida, no issues with the intakes under the car and the Florida downpours?