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  1. Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Tom my Great Friend; I've not been on the site over the last 3 or 4 weeks and just ventured over today to check it out again. I want to tell you that Iam truly VERY SORRY for all this PAIN & AGONY that you are going thru. Making them an offer to take it off your hands I felt I needed to chime...
  2. Poll on happiness or unhappiness of your 2020 GT500

    I just hit 330 miles on my car and I will say that Iam truly very happy with my baby. Love the sound from the exhaust in the Track Mode. I've noticed that even though I hold the button to set the mode it won't stay in the "track mode" or the "sport handling mode". Each time I drive it it...
  3. Good things come to those who wait...

    WHATS AFAIK stand for????
  4. Good things come to those who wait...

    I was told the Non CFTP cars don't come with those "spring blocks". Is that true???
  5. Jaeger Brothers Looking for a 2020 GT500

    Hello my Friend Tom; Life is good here in Omaha. I absolutely "LOVE THE CAR". My wife said on her first ride with me the following "IS IT ALWAYS THIS LOUD". LOL. The car is great and I have no complaints. Been getting lots of nice complements and thumbs up from other drivers here in...
  6. Jaeger Brothers Looking for a 2020 GT500

    I have a pair from Jaeger Brothers on my car and I love them. You hardly even notice them so Iam curious why you decided against them. To me they are worth every penny and like I said you really don't even notice them.
  7. Watch this Ford Video pretty cool and have we been ICED?

    Well its not going to have the muscular sound that our GT 500's do.

    THANK YOU TOM FOR CHIMING IN. I did talk to the "owner" yesterday at the dealership. He then turned around and called the "Dispatcher of the Trucking Company" that will be picking up the car. The dispatcher told the dealership owner that they will mark my car as "HOT" which I guess is a...
  9. Sunday Funday! Pics Inside

    WOW, TRULY GREAT PHOTOS. Probably the best I've seen in a very long long while now. Love the Gurney Flap. Iam truly very happy for you. Give some thought to getting the front splash guards.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how these cars are prepared before they actually get put on the train?? Do they wrap them up nice and tight??? My car is at the final destination but because of the COVID thing I was told it could sit in the RAILROAD YARD easily 2 to 3 weeks. Now I live...
  11. Terrible Paint and Body Work

    Pretty dissapointing to read this post when you think about spending $90,000 for a new car. When it was delivered to the original dealership why didn't they "inspect" the car and fix it before they even sent it out to the customer??? So thats now 2 dissapointing things.
  12. Front bumper letters install

    I have the letters for the front lower splitter sitting on my desk right now. Got them from Bemaro. Not going to do the bumper. Just waiting for my car to arrive.
  13. Introducing ourselves

    Well Kurt; Here's my question. Where exactly was that photo taken as I want to build a house and have that billion dollar view????
  14. New ADM record??? 100K markup!

    I went to their website and they don't have it on their website.
  15. Front bumper letters install

    Tom my great friend; I just called Benjamin at Bemaro last week and ordered the letters for the front lower splitter. I have not received them yet but I think thats normal as its only been about 3 days. They were only $35 with the shipping costs included. Iam talking to several people here...
  16. Jaeger Brothers Looking for a 2020 GT500

    Hi my friend Tomster; I talked to Jason about a week ago and I definitely 100% want to order them when Jason has them ready. Count me in. Its funny because he gave me his private number and I have it right on my desk. Ready to roll as they say!!!!
  17. GT500 radar detectors

    Here's my 2 cents worth. I have always been buying the "Top of the Line" Detectors from Escort for probably around 20 years now. I always go with their best model available. I was blessed with a great job so don't mind the expense of it. I too wanted to buy their "JAMMER/SHIFTER" but after...
  18. Drove a GT500 at Xtreme Xperience

    THANK YOU for sharing the great photos. I love it that you could hear the Shelby coming from a mile away!!!! Nothing better than good ole American Muscle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Ford back to full production strength

    Hmmm. You ordered your car on 7/2/19???? You must have ordered something special Iam guessing as many guys have ordered well past that date and already have their cars. My car was ordered on July 2nd, 2019, I have a VIN and my car was built last week and now waiting for one last option...