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  1. stageron

    My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    The wheel upgrade was wrong on the website (it's since been corrected). It was showing the handling pack wheels as the upgrade though that was never the case. The upgrade is the wheel from the HPP Ecoboost. The front splitter, big rear wing and the larger wheels with the rims you thought you...
  2. stageron

    First mods to your Mach 1

    Fog lights for the holes in the grill. Just waiting to see who comes out with what. Would be nice if Ford had some sort of wiring harness already set up for that but I would doubt it.
  3. stageron

    Poll - What Colour is your 2021 Mach 1?

    Iconic Silver, Premium, manual, Elite pkg, optional wheels. Ordered.
  4. stageron

    MACH I Dealer ADM is Alive and kicking. :)

    Been shopping for a Mach 1 for a week now. Been quoted ADM's between 5K all the way up to 20K. Absolutely ridiculous. Keep the faith though, I wound up finding a dealer 20 minutes from my house who let me order one at sticker. He said he knows what's going on out there and that they don't do...
  5. stageron

    Firgure this Mach 1 out at Pat Milliken Ford

    At least they got the Mustang part right. I've been searching and calling dealers for 3 days trying to locate a Mach 1 without an ADM. Just about every dealer tried to sell me a Mach E. Some had no clue what a Mach 1 even was. Then I had salesmen offering to sell me one bellow sticker only to...
  6. stageron

    Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Just ordered, job 2 car. After weeks of searching found a dealer 20 miles from my house who sold it to me at sticker. Most were asking between $10 and $20 ADM.
  7. stageron

    Mach 1 Reviews?

    Yes I saw Stangmodes but there are so many better reviewers that I have not seen post anything.
  8. stageron

    Mach 1 Reviews?

    Don't we see the usual slew of Youtubers reviewing the new models before the cars hit the dealers? Why are there no reviews out?
  9. stageron

    No Performance Package

    There is no performance pack option and the handling pack hasn't been included on the build site since it went up. I assume they will fix it eventually. As for the FJG it seems to be available on the Mach 1 premium but not the standard Mach 1. Not sure what's up with that.
  10. stageron

    Ford Website FINALLY updated but.....

    I think Ford finally got the build site corrected. Pricing is right now, it was charging too much for the premium Mach 1. Wheel option is now showing the correct wheel. It now shows the Ecoboost HPP wheel where it was showing the Mach handling pack wheel. The stripes are now the right color...
  11. stageron

    Ford Website FINALLY updated but.....

    If you go to the Mustang page on the Ford site (not the B & P) and scroll to the bottom there's a better color visualizer. Not great but better.
  12. stageron

    Ford Website FINALLY updated but.....

    Seems to me that the 700a package is now called the Mach 1 premium and that one has the elite package and navigation as an option. I don’t think you can order the handling package until the warmer weather.
  13. stageron

    Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    In 2015 the GT performance Pack was $2,495, fast forward 6 years and the price is $6200. Other than tires what's changed? This is criminal.
  14. stageron

    Build & price your Mach 1 Here!

    Unfortunately no images but at least you can get it priced also they raised the price of the GT performance pack.
  15. stageron

    Build & price your Mach 1 Here!

    Ford Mustang Build & Price - Build Your Own Ford | Edmunds
  16. stageron

    2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

    My mistake, Should have read that FJG can only be had with the Appearance Package (orange stripes, brake calipers and seat stripe) FJG can also be had on the base car as many pics will confirm.
  17. stageron

    Ford smart and safe package

    Blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert are part of the 401A equipment group. It's not part of the Safe and Smart package. The Safe and Smart package has Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Auto High Beam headlamps, Lane-Keeping Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control and rain...
  18. stageron

    Spanish MACH1 build and price

    I'm hoping for Monday, seems like that should be the day.
  19. stageron

    Is this the first S650 test mule?

    What does Apple have to do with it? It's an article from Auto Blog with pics of a Camouflaged GT with some apparatus attached to the front wheel. I just saw the article on the Apple news app........ but if it makes you feel better...