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  1. Buyers remorse not waiting for Bullitt?

    There are people having wars over rims and what super charger is best yet when people don't like a model car with giant emblems, flat goofy wheels and green paint its total disregard of another member? No its just an opinion, if that's stopping someone from liking their car it just doesn't make...
  2. Move to Florida

    Kelley is right, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Odessa. Very good spots to be.
  3. Any of You guys know what the heck this sound is LOL

    Yes all my gear is listed here for reference. Today it is doing same thing. Beeping on hardish acceleration and then choppy beeping over railroad tracks. Strange noise for sure....
  4. Any of You guys know what the heck this sound is LOL

    hmm thanks for the replies will take a look I dont think I even have the sound tube Its an odd sound I have to get it resolved because its super annoying!
  5. Any of You guys know what the heck this sound is LOL

    When I give the card a small bump to accelerate it sounds like there is someone playing the flute in my dash WTF :headbonk: I have no idea man. It rattles a bit over small bumps too, in other words it doesnt go beeeeeeppp it goes beep beep over bumps? It also only happens in gear, is it the...
  6. Clutch and Flywheel

    I have RXT and ALum Flywheel and it holds up well. Just make sure you break it in properly!
  7. Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    If anyone backs out of a red/red/carbon please let me know
  8. 2018 ROUSH hitting dealers.

    The flag concept is interesting but the rest is awful. With that said I think all striped look silly so who knows.
  9. Wheels for Black mustang

    Just dont get something that looks just like like stock. I am amazed at all the posts of guys paying tons of cash for wheels that look stock PP! Go with something that not many people have at all like Jason1974 above you will not regret.
  10. Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    If you do another group buy for these I am in. They look great, very nice job.
  11. First track day in the Saleen

    Looks fun man, nice car!
  12. 2018 Mustang6g Calendar Photo Contest

    Great pics ladies and mostly gents, always enjoy this thread! :headbang:
  13. ROUSH Calibration Locks PCM?

    Same her just flash back to stock (make sure you have that file) Guys at SCT can help if needed., the are really helpful
  14. DBA 2016 Roush Build

    Thanks man Yeah I have goen through 3 sets of those already and its a pain to get them from Roush. The letters tend to break and crack really easily. You can get replacements if you want but the howler/punisher look good too.
  15. Twin Turbo GT350 1143HP!!

    Just beast guys!
  16. DBA 2016 Roush Build

    Time for more power... A lot more :) :thumbsup:
  17. DBA 2016 Roush Build

    Haven't posted in a bit :cheers: Nice shot downtown Tampa..watching the eclipse :crazy: