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  1. DogNPony

    Frustrating to park it all winter

    The real measure of discomfort is the dew point temperature. There are parts of Alaska that have high relative humidities, but the temperature and the dew point are still low. Anytime the dew point is above about 65F it is considered "muggy".
  2. DogNPony

    How wrong is it to drive hard after cold start?

    You might try taking the long way to the store, school, etc. There's no law that says you have to take the most direct route.
  3. DogNPony

    Frustrating to park it all winter

    "I believe the science behind the statement, but .... letting it idle will raise the temp. Starts fast idle, warm drops down, is it the same a driving no. Oil temp, I would argue that when the pressure drops, you're seeing the oil at temp. The temperature gage seen in the instrument cluster is...
  4. DogNPony

    Frustrating to park it all winter

    Just letting it idle for a few minutes is probably not doing it any favors. It's my understanding that if you start it, you should drive it long enough to bring the oil up to normal operating temperature before shutting it down again.
  5. DogNPony

    MACH 1

    Allow me to throw some rain on your parade. Consider the fact that in Wisconsin rural interstates are ranked 44th in the nation for pavement quality, rural non-interstate highways 43rd, urban interstates 35th and urban non-interstates 43rd. You'd have to be really committed to performance...
  6. DogNPony

    Anyone else's s550 mirrors do this?

    My 2018 does the same thing occasionally- like once every 6 or 8 weeks. I can never predict when, and it usually stops on its own. I consider it "character". Or a poltergeist.
  7. DogNPony


    I guess I haven't posted a pic of my car to this forum yet. I have the tan leather interior. I get so tired of basic black interiors. The stock wheels you see are now wrapped in winter rubber and I have a different set of summer wheels. I need to get some pics of the summer set up.
  8. DogNPony

    What other cars did you consider before you decided on your Mustang?

    I had seriously considered: Cadillac ATS-V Chevy SS Sedan Jaguar F-Type Coupe Genesis G70 I was looking for something more practical than my Porsche Cayman. Also, something less expensive to maintain and repair. Whatever it was going to be, it had to have a manual transmission and RWD.
  9. DogNPony

    Sequential pattern...for brake lights...why is it that some frown upon its use?

    I'm pretty sure the turn signals behave the same way, only one side at a time.
  10. DogNPony

    Sequential pattern...for brake lights...why is it that some frown upon its use?

    How about if all of the lights come on at the same time, but they go off sequentially? Like what Ford is doing with the turn signals of the Mach-e?
  11. DogNPony

    Northern climate/winter driven S550 Mustangs: how are they holding up?

    I put some winter tires on the OEM 18s that came with my '18 GT. I also put a couple of sand bags in the trunk. Even with all that, I tried to avoid driving in the salty slush left behind after the plows and salt trucks do their thing. When it came time to swap out the winter wheels for my...
  12. DogNPony

    Big dogs & Mustangs....

    My winter beater is also my dog car. I can't imagine how much work it would be to vacuum up all of the shedding out of the back seat. However, at full gallop she does resemble the pony emblem.
  13. DogNPony

    BREAKING! 2021 Ford Builder page accidentally put online

    Maybe there will be a Ford v Tesla movie that employs a Deus ex Mach-E-na plot device.
  14. DogNPony

    BREAKING! 2021 Ford Builder page accidentally put online

    You could have posted this on April 1st and people still wouldn't get the joke. Personally, I'm still waiting for the Mach-E deSade package.
  15. DogNPony

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    When I was born, the flag only had 49 stars and you could buy a brand new Edsel. It was also a pretty good year for Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Strats.
  16. DogNPony

    What Enhanced Security Package mean?

    My 18 GT Premium has the enhanced security package, according to the window sticker. I never noticed or paid attention to the extra locks for the steering column or the center armrest. I do know that if you try to jack up the car to swap out a wheel when the car is locked, the alarm will sound!
  17. DogNPony

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I actually have something to contribute to this thread! I installed the cowl extension and cowl-to-strut tower brace and the lower k-brace that's part of the PP1 package, the 20" wheel option and the convertibles, but not part of the non-PP GTs. I'm hoping this will tighten up the body enough to...
  18. DogNPony

    Reving to high RPM bad for the engine?

    I've never seen an upshift indicator light illuminate in my instrument panel. Mine is a 2018 GT Premium with the manual transmission (without Performance Pack). Is this something Ford only installs in exported Mustangs? I've had other cars with upshift indicators and they all would have me in...
  19. DogNPony

    Burnt popcorn anyone?

    I haven't noticed it with my car (probably because I rarely get the chance to rev it past 5K), but I often get a whiff of ammonia smell from other vehicles around me, especially when they're heavy on the loud pedal. It may be due to the particular gasoline blend we have here in my neck of the...
  20. DogNPony

    Introduce yourself!!

    Okay, here's my introductory post. My current Mustang is my 3rd- the first was a '79 4-cyl manual hatchback LX that I bought used. A few years later I got an '85 LX notchback 5.0 that I special ordered. Fast forward to a couple of months ago when I picked up this '18 CPO GT Premium MT6 in Royal...