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  1. Kleiss1

    Mach 1's & GT's on their way home

    What’s with the white tail lights?
  2. Kleiss1

    Worlds Fastest Mt82 Stock Engine?

    Waitin for the haters.
  3. Kleiss1

    Help finding this part?

    Is that the door jamb or fender well? Hard to tell.
  4. Kleiss1


    My 2018 base GT track apps stopped working all together. After posting here and checking manual to no avail I went to a dealer near by and discovered that only one key fob activates the apps. Service guy called it the teenager app elimination fob so if your kid barrows the car no line lock...
  5. Kleiss1

    Order a Mustang At 4% Under Invoice - Granger Ford

    This post is 3 years old. Does this deal still apply?
  6. Kleiss1

    2021 Break In Period & Oil

    The computer on the new corvette won’t let you hot rod it for the first 500 miles.
  7. Kleiss1

    Quick Jack 7000 SLX Review

    How tall is your ceiling?. Thats quite garage.
  8. Kleiss1

    Would you say the mt-82 clutch feel is "numb" compared to other cars?

    what about just leaving the spring out all together? I thought I saw something on here about that.
  9. Kleiss1

    Would you say the mt-82 clutch feel is "numb" compared to other cars?

    What is involved in the fluid change? Which fluid? Jack stands work or lift? Thanks
  10. Kleiss1

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    I was always a stick shift guy, 67 years young. I test drove a 2020 GT 10 speed and all I can say is Wow. Still thinking now.
  11. Kleiss1

    2017 GT Base Performance Pack?

    What wheels are those? I couldn’t make out the center cap.
  12. Kleiss1

    Update: What I did to my S550 2020 Mustang today

    Now that’s what a supercharger should look like. Nice car.
  13. Kleiss1


    Drove a 2020 today. My thoughts are, the ride is much stiffer, tires seem too stick out too much for my taste. Stone chips on a new car already. Not a racer so some may like it. Recaros were very uncomfortable for me. Not heated or cooled so not what I was looking for coming from a base 2018.
  14. Kleiss1

    Gave her racing stripes

    I agree. Don’t understand the single thin stripe.
  15. Kleiss1

    What To Do With The 2018 GT Engine Cover?

    What’s the green cap for? I don’t think I have that.
  16. Kleiss1

    How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    I ordered a new 1976 Mustang II Cobra II 302 4-speed with Posi Some forums don’t consider the a ”real” Mustang. Waited over 40 years for my next one.
  17. Kleiss1

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    My 1960 Falcon had vacuum wipers. Wouldn’t work if you were going up a hill.
  18. Kleiss1

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    My wife can get rubber in three gears on my ‘18 6- speed. she loves it.
  19. Kleiss1

    Has anyone used the Anchor Room Paint Protection Film?

    I had a shop put XPEL on the nose of my ‘18. It’s self healing if you get a stone hit. It does work.