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  1. NotMarc

    Anyone put an Apple iPhone Magsafe charger on their dash?

    Me either. I ask because my case causes the Scosche to not make great contact so the phone goes flying during spirited driving. Is that an Apple case? Also I have a mirror tap and love it.
  2. NotMarc

    Anyone put an Apple iPhone Magsafe charger on their dash?

    What did you end up doing? I presume you don't use CarPlay?
  3. NotMarc

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    I don't have a "definition" of easy, but I was under the impression it was ported blower, blower lid, fuel (e85 or race fuel), headers, pulley, suspension, weight loss, tune and tire. Maybe I'm over simplifying, but as some folks have mentioned, this and more would have been necessary years ago...
  4. NotMarc

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    I should have probably said non-S550, I've watched your posts (and many others) on here over the years enough to see the potential of these cars. :thumbsup:
  5. NotMarc

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Hope this isn't too off-topic but can anyone think of any other platforms that can "easily" run 8's with stock engine and trans? edited to remove clutch(es)
  6. NotMarc

    Mustang System 2.0

    I just read through this whole thread, and to @mikes2017gt, I'm truly impressed with the build. Earlier in the year I did my own 3 way active system (plus sub) and wrestled with the amp rack, sound deadening and all of the other idiosyncrasies you've encountered along the way. I still have not...
  7. NotMarc

    Texas *SOLD* 2018+ GT500 style mesh Upper + Lower Grilles $250

    I'm interested, could you PM me? It's not letting me message you.
  8. NotMarc

    AudioDesignsCG Custom Subwoofer Box Review

    So to remove the box you'd have to remove the subwoofer and get to the bolt head there? or jack up the car? or am I missing something super obvious. Asking because I have the same box and it flops over if I corner too hard (read: probably too aggressively for the street), or if I hit a big...
  9. NotMarc

    Oregon 2018 Mustang GT PP Premium - Gen 5 Whipple + T56 *Pending sale*

    Free bump. How was the T56 with the 3.73's for daily driver duties?
  10. NotMarc

    Virginia NEW- KOOKS 2inch headers with off road pipes

    Free bump for a great seller. I'd grab these if I had an easy way to get them installed.
  11. NotMarc

    Drilling help needed near BWI

    Hey Warren did you get this taken care of already?
  12. NotMarc

    Lowest Maintenance Most Reliable FI

    What pulley are you running on your car right now?
  13. NotMarc

    L2 Fore system or Lethal's whipple system?

    Sorry if this a stupid question, but if Fore is 100% in house, who manufactures the Lethal system? I'll admit $1800 in enticing, even if it's only once or twice a year. And to a person that's never done fuel system work, how much easier is the Lethal system to install?
  14. NotMarc

    My Custom Audio Build - JL Audio/AudioControl

    This is mine You can't use just any obd2 adapter. Must be MS/HS CAN compatible to talk to the right modules I went from...
  15. NotMarc

    My Custom Audio Build - JL Audio/AudioControl

    What device are you using to connect to them?
  16. NotMarc

    My Custom Audio Build - JL Audio/AudioControl

    Are you in the correct mode? MS CAN vs HS CAN? only certain stuff is accessible in each one.
  17. NotMarc

    Distance from drivers headrest to all speakers

    Are you Time Aligned/Active and amplified on all 9 speakers plus two subwoofers? Just wondering your setup to use 11 channels in the car and how it performs.
  18. NotMarc

    My Custom Audio Build

    I'm still using the middle seat bolt area ground down. I tested it at .02 ohms continuity which has been adequate for my two amps totalling 2000watts RMS (1100.5 and 900.5). Albeit i'm only pulling about half to 2/3rds of that right now.
  19. NotMarc

    Steeda New Product Release - Steeda Mustang GT ProFlow Open Cold Air Intake (2015-2020)

    I'd be interested in 60-130 testing on a Lund/PBD/AED tuned car with stock CAI and this back to back. I'd do it if I had one to do it with. I run a flex tune every day, and am not too worried about IATs as must of my "full throttle driving" is from a roll. Like other said though, the ~30 hp...
  20. NotMarc

    2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    Do you have a number you're trying to reach?