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  1. gfcobra04

    Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    I purchased the steeda and some time later I discovered the Kenny Brown jacking rails their rails are angled like the bottom of the mustang so when you bolt the rails on they are flat. Hard to see but the bottom of my rail are not flat. Here is a link to the KB jacking rails...
  2. gfcobra04

    World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    I believe there was a really big hint at the end of the video, like 1200 hints.
  3. gfcobra04

    Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    I think you have forgotten or maybe you didn’t know that almost everything is made from oil. Plastic for your keyboards to code and since we have no plastic you can’t make IV bags or plastic tubing, no rubber hoses for cooling, no freon to cool your frig or the ac in your EV. This is just some...
  4. gfcobra04

    Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    Heard something about Biden shutting down all pipe lines. I still haven’t heard what he means by that or should I say what Kamala means by that. However I’m in Texas and will be more than happy to shut down the natural gas pipe lines going to the northeast. You F*****Rs can freeze
  5. gfcobra04

    50 Miles to empty

    Were you using the stock cup2 Michelin’s?
  6. gfcobra04

    Larger Diameter Front Tire Question

    Why not something like this
  7. gfcobra04

    MSR Houston

    I’ve run there before. It is flat no elevation pretty open with good run off in key areas. I’m doing COTA 2/19-21 and eagles canyon 3/6-7. I haven’t planned on MSR Houston
  8. gfcobra04

    Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    345/25 or 345/30?
  9. gfcobra04

    Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    What would 2x2 underside look like?
  10. gfcobra04

    Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    That’s beautiful and is exactly what I’m looking for. Getting rid of that brace going down the center.
  11. gfcobra04

    Mustang Brake Recall

    Sorry about your delay in getting the brake recall completed. It took about 2-weeks for my bracket to come in. However that was over the Christmas and new year’s holidays. Parts must be getting scares.
  12. gfcobra04

    Cracks in Hood Support

    How much does that hood cost? Could I pay the difference between the ford hood and the Shelby hood?
  13. gfcobra04

    Cracks in Hood Support

    The passenger side is all the way through hard to see on the front side however you can easily feel the crack on the front lip. The backside drivers side you can feel yet you can’t see it.
  14. gfcobra04

    Cracks in Hood Support

    Just checked my hood and here we are cracked: This was taken on the backside of hood on passenger side. Driver’s side has a crack starting on backside and has not yet gone all the way through the frame support. I suggest y’all check the backside also if you can’t see a crack on the front.
  15. gfcobra04

    The Swan Neck Wing Is On!

    My bad found it
  16. gfcobra04

    The Swan Neck Wing Is On!

    What the site?
  17. gfcobra04

    Battery Terminal connections

    I never thought about the lawnmower until last spring. I went to mow the yard and the battery was dead. I ended up doing the same thing and purchased a tender for the mower.
  18. gfcobra04

    Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    Wh When you take pictures of test fit take one from inside the car. Thanks
  19. gfcobra04

    The Swan Neck Wing Is On!

    This wing is similar to the 911 RSR wing. I believe these type of wings work different than the wing on the CFTP. Here is another video on rear wing placement: This guy was an aerodynamicist with Mercedes.