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  1. Dumb Question Thursday: How do I stop the loud start?

    Turn the power on without your foot on the clutch and let the valves cycle first. Alternatively if you clutch it in before pressing anything it will cycle the valves. Then hit the start.
  2. Video: Mustang Mach 1 driven by pro driver Rick Kelly, using flat shifting on track

    Go on to Facebook and search this, then watch video. "Desk Drives: Mustang Mach 1 with Rick Kelly"
  3. First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Mclaren 765lt didn't take much to get it in the 8's.
  4. World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    I still don't buy it. If it had enough crankcase pressure to blow out the drain plug, the dipstick would have blown out well before that. Incorrect figment of the drain plug or repeated use of the same drain plug may have worn it down. I dont know what the exact issue was, but saying that...
  5. World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    The GT500 runs a metal pan and plug. However, that YouTube video and event you are talking about is not normal. If any car, plastic drain plug or not, blows their plug out during a pull, it means that: 1. It's wasn't on properly or functioning correctly and/or 2. That engine has some serious...
  6. Ford Performance X-pipe / Res delete

    Thanks and appreciate it, but after 2.75" only. Thanks again
  7. Ford Performance X-pipe / Res delete

    Ok so you have the bottom pictured one? I just received an email from FP saying it should be the top pictured one now, but they are going to confirm.
  8. Ford Performance X-pipe / Res delete

    I'm asking about the GT x-pipe. I have recently discovered the GT delete will fit a 350, and as its 2.75" I wouldnt mind giving it a try. I know LTH does a 2.75" one for a 350, but I'd prefer FP.
  9. Ford Performance X-pipe / Res delete

    Hey all, Random sort of question. But just seeing if anyone has very recently purchased a FP X pipe. Reason for asking is that the current x-pipe pictured on the Ford Performance website (and others) shows an x-pipe that is welded together in multiple segments (pictured below). I know that in...
  10. Shiftech cat delete

    No worries, I was just curious as after seeing your post I saw you can buy them from Magnaflow on their own but there were two sizes. You should definitely get a sound clip going on when you can.
  11. Shiftech cat delete

    Is that the 5x11 size Is that the 5x11 size? How does it compare to the stock resonators which I think you said you had?
  12. '19 GT350 engine replacement

    I personally think this thread is now starting to head into the graveyard of 350 failure threads. And I'm not having a go at anyone so please don't take this the wrong way. Ford are the only ones who have the data in regards to failures, number of failures, probable causes, etc etc. That's it...
  13. '19 GT350 engine replacement

    Like I said earlier, you obviously gave it hell while the oil was cold. In all seriousness though, there is obviously issues with the FPC motor, and it changed over the years. Ford may have fixed some of the failings of the early models, but then consistent valve issues appeared in the later...
  14. '19 GT350 engine replacement

    C'mon Tomster, I though you would have known by now that every voodoo failure has been from people not breaking it in correctly or hammering it while cold, included all the 2019+ models that have dropped valves. Nothing to see here....:lipssealed:
  15. How much oil in my AOS after a full track weekend...

    Nice video, good quality. :thumbsup: Just to add my 2c. There shouldn't be any more oil in the passenger side on a track day than normal driving, in fact it's probably the opposite. The PCV valve shuts at WOT and high vacuum(which is a staple of tracking), so unless your PCV valve is not...
  16. Can you Make the GT500 Supercharger Whine louder ? ? ? ?

    MAF's dont require a tune as such, but a re-calibration, which can only be done via a tune....confusing I know. MAF sensors are scaled for a certain intake diameter to deduce total airflow. Change the size of the pipe without changing the scaling, and you'll under or over fuel it. So in essence...
  17. Florida Swing Spoiler GT350/GT500

    Hey guys, After an OEM 19+ GT350/GT500 swing spoiler. Need to be able to ship it at my cost obviously. Only after OEM, must be in good condition. Thanks Simon
  18. Spare tire option

    Yes you need a front wheel. It will fit both front and rear but stick out on the rear. A rear offset wont clear the front brakes.
  19. Spare tire option

    Ford actually has a full size spare tire kit in their inventory, as they were required on some export cars. Like my Gt350 picutred below. But although it's good to have a full size spare, it also uses ALL the trunk space. In know signature wheel has a spare now also. There is a thread on it in...