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  1. 2017Mach1

    Chasing Records | World's Fastest N/A S550 Mustang | A Steeda Film

    Thats awesome! Good enough to beat a Tesla. All American V8 is still where its at. Love it.
  2. 2017Mach1

    Hood Bubbling paint

    Im glad I found this thread. I have a METICULOUSLY maintained car, ceramic coated and relatively low milage. Just found the same issue on mine over the past month. Ford is going to get chewed out by me...
  3. 2017Mach1

    This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I definitely feel you. It's why I, in essence, recreated my own "Mach 1". I had a gut feeling when the S550 came out, this would be the next throwback heritage for a Mach 1 since they did the boss 302 for the S197. I think I created something much more personalized and special for me that...
  4. 2017Mach1

    Mickey Thompson ET Street R vs. R Bias vs. S/S

    Excellent! Thank you, looking into it I think you are very right! Something that will confer more benefit at the strip over the NT55G2s I have and also hook better on the street. G2s are great tires for the street, but with a FI application we def need some more hook. In the same breath...
  5. 2017Mach1

    Mickey Thompson ET Street R vs. R Bias vs. S/S

    There was a lot of good info here. To piggy back off of this; how did you like the ET street Rs after running them last year? I am in a bit of an opposite situation of wanting to run them more on the street and occasionally at the strip. I would like something with more hook and will only run...
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    Mustang RTR Spec 5 10th Anniversary Edition

    Is it just me, or with all of the added bulky flair, it kind of looks like a challenger...
  7. 2017Mach1

    Dealer Wrecks Customer's Supercharged Ford Mustang GT During Rowdy Test Drive

    The dealer may have made it right and I'm very happy they did (which is what they should have done); but lets be honest here. That car is pretty mangled (with the airbags going off too). There is a difference between doing the required test driving to get the car to where it needs to be, and...
  8. 2017Mach1

    Dave Pericak speaks a bit about the Mustang's future

    I agree with all of the above statements made in the chain, but if they really don't need a car, who can blame them? Performance driving will always be alive as a hobby, no matter what form it takes. Nothing will be able to take the place of our previous generations experiences and what has...
  9. 2017Mach1

    GT500 “in transit” turned to “in crash”

    All the feels. Maybe a discount on 2 crashed GT500s? lol
  10. 2017Mach1

    Car and Driver 2020 GT500 First Test - 11.4 @ 132 quarter mile

    You hit the nail on the head my friend. It is comical how car and driver just seems to downplay this whole thing as everyone has already mentioned. They must really hate ford. At a real dragstrip, owners are running 10.6s-10.8s, right on par with fords numbers, exactly as ford's advertised...
  11. 2017Mach1

    Edelbrock Stage 1 Dyno Results

    I have experienced this as well and concur.
  12. 2017Mach1

    Edelbrock Stage 1 Dyno Results

    Just to throw in my 2cents. The Edelbrock kit is damn near perfect IMO. I have a 2017 5.0 and I have been driving around with it for over half a year and it has performed nearly flawlessly. I will say my only minor gripe is the Edelbrock tune (which can have some hiccups), but if you want to...
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    My Experience with Evolution Performances Install of the Edelbrock 2650 on a 2017 5.0…

    Hey guys! I am relatively new to the forum but I wanted to share my recent experience with Evolution Performance on building up my 2017 5.0, which I have christened as a Mach 1. I have very special plans/vision for this mustang, especially after building up a FBO 2014 V6. Previous to the...
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    V8 Mustang prototype spied (video)....but what is it?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but in the 60s wasn't that just what the Mach 1 was? An optioned out V8, or basically a build it yourself boss? Many different features for that day that you could choose from?
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    V8 Mustang prototype spied (video)....but what is it?

    This is very interesting. I already beat ford to the punch on badging my 2017 a Mach 1. I think they missed the mark big time with not marketing the s550 as a Mach 1. The Mach E is also supposed to be a Mustang "inspired" hybrid. I don't think this would be the platform for that...?
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    BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Everyone is looking great! I love the Blacked out Mustang action. Im new to the forum and figure I share mine as well!