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  1. Flimflamman

    2K Rattle Clue - Took video in engine bay...

    Not concerned here either, but man it is freaking annoying. I tend to lose thought of it when I mash the throttle though. :)
  2. Flimflamman

    Ford Performance Hood Struts

    I haven't had any problems with my Ford struts, but yeah there is a little flex. Everyone that gets the Roush kits seems to like it, so I don't think you can go wrong with that.
  3. Flimflamman

    Positive and Negative Wires in Rear View Mirror

    Son of a biscuit eater... I've been a lazy (and dumb) ass by using the cig lighter to power my dashcam. The wire running down doesn't really bother me but this is to easy to pass up for a cleaner look.
  4. Flimflamman

    New shift knob with manual boot in auto

    Yeah mine is in covered parking most of the time as well. No need for a sunshade anymore. I would just lay a towel, hat, or sock over it to keep the sun off of it.
  5. Flimflamman

    Strange noise

    Loose swaybar end link?
  6. Flimflamman

    New shift knob with manual boot in auto

    This is exactly what I am doing. I'm just waiting on the manual shift boot. It looks so much better, IMHO. I got the lightning blue kit from WM. Looks awesome.
  7. Flimflamman

    2018 Mustang GT noise?

    I get this chirping noise frequently, but only seems to happen on cold starts. I was unaware there was a TSB for it. And of course I have the 2k-3k rattle... but I digress.
  8. Flimflamman

    Beginning to think I don't know how to drive a mustang...

    '19 A10 here. In drag mode when shifting into 2nd mine kicks the rear end out pretty hard and then TC intervenes. But it recovers quickly and barks the tires into 3rd and 4th. I also have the skinny 235 PZero's... lol. No mods... well a dry drop-in if you consider that a mod... I don't. I've...
  9. Flimflamman

    Car feels like it's floating after new tire install

    Do the tires still produce a floating feeling or did that finally wear off?
  10. Flimflamman

    Georgia Roll Call

    I rallycrossed a WRX for several years (daily driver as well). That was some serious fun. I beat the piss out of it and it held up well. Switched to FWD (Focus ST) for a couple years but kept it on the street. Was a fun car but grew tired of it quickly. Now a Mustang and it is baller. First RWD...
  11. Flimflamman

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    I don't think I have nav.... sounds dumb but I've always used Waze from day 1. My options were only 301a and A10. Guess I need to look at my window sticker. lol
  12. Flimflamman

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Update successful on the way to the office this morning. Took 13 minutes, rebooted, and noticed the change in graphics. I like what I see so far, but didn't get a chance to fiddle around with it yet.
  13. Flimflamman

    Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    Minor gripes.. 1. The window buttons are to far forward (that or my arms are stubby... but hey... I'm 5'6" at 195 lbs and pure white chocolate... and bald with a few tattoo's.. so maybe it's just me, IDK) 2. The door windows drop down a couple of inches when opened. Meaning that when I clean...
  14. Flimflamman

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Just put it on a USB drive and will do the install on the way to work tomorrow.
  15. Flimflamman

    Ford Sync V3.4 official update

    Great news. I was considering the cyanlabs route but will check this out first.
  16. Flimflamman

    Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    @olaosunt , I think you need to check your history on Herman Cain, rather than show your political bias towards him. He chose a different path than John Lewis. I'm not going to say one was better than the other. They were both good men. Deal with it.
  17. Flimflamman

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I didn't know this could be done? I tried going 3.3 to 3.4 from Ford but it always fails.
  18. Flimflamman

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Could you elaborate on this please?
  19. Flimflamman

    Can you beat this

    My recent 1,800 mile trip netted 26.9 MPG. My only mod is a dryflow drop-in filter and I have the skinny OEM tires. It was in the 90's from one end to the other & back, and about 200 were city miles at my destination. Otherwise, I got 28.1 MPG on the way there (75-85 MPH). That was travelling...
  20. Flimflamman

    Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    Yeah it sucks. A few weeks ago a friends dad (75 years old) had his horse slip in some mud and fell into his leg. Messed him up good and had to stay in the hospital. Ends up catching the virus in the hospital and that did him in. I try to avoid hospitals like the plague. No pun intended.