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  1. seth21w

    How are you protecting your car in your garage?

    I just bought my own home and left my girlfriend, the mustang has the entire garage to herself. My F150 stays outside ;)
  2. seth21w

    Is this the beginning of the end for Trump ?

    Someone has been watching too much news! Every news outlet besides fox push lies about our president, so let me ask you have you ever met him and he belittled you or offended you or your just basing your opinion on what you read and watched?
  3. seth21w

    Is this the beginning of the end for Trump ?

    If you are a Republican then why make fun of the president which is Republican and has done more for this country than any other Republican before! Bush was a terrible Republican he doesn't back our president and I know why he is an elite and if trump wins a second term is going to expose the...
  4. seth21w

    Is this the beginning of the end for Trump ?

    Leftist trolls I see! I made a comment and you people berate me turn your man cards in and sell your mustangs!
  5. seth21w

    S550 owners who carry firearms: What, and where?

    Rock River Arms LAR15 In the trunk and glock 27 between my seat and console.
  6. seth21w

    Is this the beginning of the end for Trump ?

    Biden is in no way fit to debate with trump, he killed Hillary and she is somewhat intelligent. The only way the democrats can win will be to manipulate mail in ballots and thats why they are pushing hard on it and biden will have to opt out of the debates or he has no chance.
  7. seth21w

    Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    I will never buy a newer car than my 16 of any brand. I do not like electronics in my vehicles and I doubt they will have a v8 in the 650 but if they do it will most likely be a hybrid of some kind which I don't care for. I plan to keep my car from now on first new car I've ever paid off in full.
  8. seth21w

    2019 GT broken into, weird Fordpass issue

    They could have stolen it maybe??
  9. seth21w

    Yet another pricing thread

    Bought my 2016 gtpp new in Atlanta ga for 28k its base model but it was on the lot for a year. Come to georgia and you can get 10k off msrp! But you have to do your research on autotrader and do price low to high and if you find one you like print it off and take it with you.
  10. seth21w

    Chipped windshield repair

    I'm trying to decide whether to get geico to come fix my chipped windscreen did your insurance rates go up any after the repair?
  11. seth21w

    2020 PP2 Garage mishap

    Yeah I make sure and not have anything hanging in my garage except my mustang only parking sign! And it's very well secured. I feel your pain though ugh.
  12. seth21w

    Gen2s are just better looking

    The 15-17 front end and hood are much more symmetrical and sleek the new ones are more euro and generic looking to me some like them but I prefer the streamlined look of my 16. I wont buy any newer mustang than the one I have.
  13. seth21w

    PAID OFF! Celebration!

    This was my greatest achievement so far first car I've ever paid off and I've had over 100 cars and trucks. Mostly used and flipped first one bought new and paid in full the title is crisp and alot bigger than used car titles for some reason. I paid it off 2 years early to save on interest and...
  14. seth21w

    Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    Yeah they heat up to 30 in summer sometimes to 32 but 27 at 70 degrees cold is what I would try.
  15. seth21w

    Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    The PP cars all ride stiff it helps a little if you run psi down to 27
  16. seth21w

    Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    When I put e brake up and dont drive it for a couple weeks it's like the brakes are glued to the wheel. Luckily I park in a flat garage so I just leave in gear and dont use it unless I'm going to release it that day. My only minor gripe. Btw love manual prop rods never had one go out or loose lift.
  17. seth21w

    Baby needs its first bath, lessons learned?

    Just use any designed car wash soap, 5 gal bucket brand new wash mitt I use two mitts one for car one for wheels. Chamois dry i use turtle wax spray and dry every wash then twice a year I clay bar mother's and wax it mother's. The clay is important if it's the first cleaning lots of debris in...
  18. seth21w

    Can’t shift smoothly

    If you are wanting to shift fast driving normal its pointless 3k rpms and below use 1 Mississippi between clutch press and then shift anything about 3500 rpm shift it fast as you want it will be smooth at 7k I promise.
  19. seth21w

    What is Ford thinking ?

    The bump is the reason I went base lol.