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  1. FordPass Update

    My phone updated FordPass a little while ago and for the life for me I can’t find now where I can see oil life and tire pressure. The only thing I can find is what unit of measure you want it in. Has anybody gotten this update and can enlighten me if I’m being dumb?
  2. Tesla Sued In California

    Talk about poetic justice. :giggle: https://www.reuters.com/legal/tesla-is-sued-over-emissions-california-plant-2024-05-14/
  3. How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

    I thought I would post this up just for fun. Now that we’re hitting the nice spring and summer months. How often do you wash your car? If you don’t wash it in the winter time don’t count that, just when it’s super nice from say April to September. I myself am every two weeks for the GT. The M1...
  4. Farley Gives Kid A Track Day

  5. Roush Performance Pac 1

    Has anyone replaced the air filter in their Roush Performance Pac CAI? If so what one did you use?
  6. Does Anyone Recognize These Wheels

    my wife knows I’m looking for new wheels for the EG M1. She saw this car on the way to work this morning and snapped the picture of it. I actually liked the look of those wheels and I think they look great. Does anybody recognize them at all because I haven’t seen them. Thanks and advance to...
  7. March Madness

    Well is that time of year again. One of my favorite times of the year besides the NFL season. Anybody have a particular team they’re rooting for? Even though I live in California I grew up in Illinois and they are my team. We’re looking pretty good right now as we took the Big Ten tournament...
  8. Anyone Interested In A Corvette E-Ray?

    And it's not even new. :cwl: https://www.dmmotorswalledlake.com/used/Chevrolet/2024-Chevrolet-Corvette-00ca6dd50a0e09a9707b2de5098bc226.htm
  9. Palos Verdes

    I’m going to be going to the Palos Verdes car show which is the first Saturday of each month. So March 2. I’ve never been to this one so any help from people who’ve been there for some advice on how and where to park and how early. For the first time ever I’m bringing both mustangs. My wifes...
  10. Rear Shocks

    I am at 65K on my 2019 GT. Looks like my rear shocks are starting to leak a little. How long have you guys gone before changing the rear shocks? Just trying to see if I’m overdue.
  11. Fix-It Ticket

    As I had mentioned in another thread here I received a fix-it ticket for the front license plate. Just a question for all you Californians. The summons came in the mail and of course it’s show proof and pay $25 or tell them to fuck off and pay $186.87. Either way I can mail it in. I already...
  12. Temporary Front Plate

    So I got pulled over for something else today which I got a warning for but he gave me a fix-it ticket for the front plate. As I’ve mentioned in other threads on here I haven’t had a front plate since I was 16. Here’s my question to everyone who may have done this. Has anybody temporarily put on...
  13. Recall Letter

    I received a letter today in the mail from the Ford dealer that I bought the GT from about a recall on my 22 M1. I didn’t even buy it from them. I searched NHTSA and it says there are zero recalls. The letter didn’t even say what the recall number was it just said my car may have a recall...
  14. Inclination Sensor

    I had a message in the Ford App yesterday that my inclination sensor detected something on the M1 and set the alarm off. I had to look up what that is. It goes off in someone is jacking up the car or trying to tow it. The car was safe and sound but that was scary. Anyone else had a false alarm...
  15. Bronze Wheels

    Has anyone put bronze wheels on their Eruption Green Mach 1?
  16. Swap M1 Hood

    I don’t believe that I’ve seen this in the what did you do to your mach one thread but I could’ve easily missed it because of so many posts. Has anybody put on an aftermarket hood on their M1 yet? I’m assuming many have but I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of anything but GT‘s putting on...
  17. 2024 Mustang GTD?

  18. Delivery?

    I am not allowed on 7G but I was just wondering if anybody has received their 2024 Ford Mustang yet? Chime in please. It seems overdue with this point.
  19. Big Bear Event?

    A friend of mine at work was in Big Bear this weekend and when he was leaving on Sunday morning at about 7:30AM he said as he was heading down the mountain a slew of Mustangs was headed up. He said it might have been 20-30 of them. Anyone know of an event that was going on up there yesterday?
  20. Anyone On Here Own A 280ZX?

    I’m thinking about getting a 1979–1983 Datsun 280 ZX. The wife and I both love the car and I’m just wondering if anybody on here owns one.