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  1. Steeda/FedEx Shipping…can’t be just me?!?!

    ALL FedEx Ground drivers are employees of contractors that own the routes. FedEx bids the routes to independent business people, who in turn hire their own employees to hump the packages. Its a profitable business plan for FedEx, but there is an obvious level of disconnect when it comes to...
  2. Route Package Protection

    For most freight companies, I know FedEx in general, all shipments are covered for the first $100. After that a shipper must select a declared value that they want covered in case of damage, lost, etc (thru FedEx), insure that shipment with a broker or none of the above. I don't know what the...

    There are a number of Mach 1's on FB Marketplace presently ... almost every color with the exception of MP. Search Mach 1 and then stretch out your radius to 500 miles. A lot good cars.

    Just listed on BAT - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2023-ford-mustang-mach-1/
  5. What's your ride height?

    Its referred to as "clocking the bushings". You can do a search in the Road course, autocross, HPDE thread and I'm sure something will come up. Essentially it means that you'll want to leave suspension fasteners loose until you lower the car back to ride height (wheels on the ground), then...
  6. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    "This is a short clip from a video by AverageRob (the mustache guy). They we’re able to both get pretty close to 41 sec (still few seconds off) after getting some tips from the pro. The pro did put in the 41 sec lap in just one go, but I was amazed how much faster Arno and Rob went with some...
  7. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    For those that want to hear some commentary from the driver, Car & Driver has a breakdown of the 4 cars that David Beard drove over the 3 days. You can find it here - David Beard's Lightning Lap commentary and you can skip ahead to the 9:47 minute mark to view the DH.
  8. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    So as a Mach 1 owner we no longer have a dog in this fight, but it was nice to see the Dark Horse only bested the Mach 1's time by .2 sec. Strange as it was, the DH was listed as 2:50.0 during the commentary section but later showed 2:51.2 which I find to be more likely.
  9. Common coolant leaks for 5.0 Coyote F-150 Mustang GT

    I've been watching Brian's FordTechMakuloco channel since he was a Ford tech, then moved on to his own shop outside Chicago. Does really good work as well as informative vids. In this video he covers all the common leak points for the Coyote in detail. He also lets it be known that the Coyote...
  10. Mach 1 value in coming years ?

    Most people won't live long enough to see the result. If you decide to stick it away in the hope that it becomes an asset, you're likely doing it for someone else's benefit. Purchasing a Mustang, placing it in a container and waiting for your payday is not what I would consider good financial...
  11. Selling Price

    I purchased my 22 HP (2400 mi) from a private party in Sept `23 for $53k if that helps. Since then I think prices have stabilized a bit. It was a point where the DH started shipping to showrooms and people who had to have them or had one on order was willing to let their M1's go cheaper...
  12. 2022 Factory HP Adjustable Camber Plates

    In most cases if you are adjusting camber at the track, you'll adjust for max negative, regardless of the number. Unless the strut hole is enlarged, you'll probably not achieve enough negative camber with just standard camber plates.
  13. mach 1 bumper

    There was a thread started on this awhile back ... here ya go ... https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2018-mustang-mach-1-official-bumper-swap-info-and-parts-list.165836/
  14. People's reaction to seeing a '21-'23 Mach 1 similar to seeing a GT350?

    No .... "awe" is a subjective/emotional response to which performance and production numbers have nothing to do with. They are often associated with name recognition and popularity. Monetary value is all together different. The general public doesn't know a GT from a GT500. Car people are...
  15. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    I can't answer for you but, I weighed the same options when I 1st got my PP2 (couldn't justify the cost of a 350) and then again last month when I purchased a Mach 1. The simple answer is this: if you plan to drive the car and put miles on it like a daily vehicle, get whatever suits your...
  16. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Thats unfortunate. Sorry to hear this is still ongoing. My assumption is that Ford has no Recaro's to ship, which is not uncommon. Often times warranty parts are replaced thru the parts network and not from the assembly line. It could also be that the distribution warehouse that services Granger...
  17. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Does the door sticker show the proper interior code or did Granger accidentally order the incorrect trim? You probably shouldn't have taken delivery without a written resolution.
  18. Official Mach 1 Mustang Owners Registry

    ‘22 Mach 1 Chassis : N3451 Fighter Jet Grey 700A, Tremec, Elite, Recaro, Appearance & Handling packages. Purchased: Sept. 29th 2023 from suburban Detroit area (3rd owner) MSRP $69305