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  1. Auction site for only manual transmission vehicles

    Just came across this, it’s a new car auction site that is for ONLY manual transmission cars: https://rowyourown.com/ I’ve never heard of it until reading about it in The Drive. Looks like a starter site, but it will probably grow with time and word of mount - kind of like how BaT started out.
  2. Any good sleuths on here?

    Any good sleuths on here? I’ve been looking for my prior 86 GT for years and can’t seem to make a hit since I don’t have any other “tools” to track it down; years ago, last location via a CarFax was PA. I still retain the original build sheet to it and proof of prior ownership via...
  3. Any CB / HAM radio hobbyists?

    Just curious if there’s any CB, Motorola, or HAM radio hobbyists on here.
  4. TSB 24-2106 Extra effort to latch convertible top

    TSB 24-2106 applies to 2022-2023 S550 convertible tops that are hard to latch or requires extra effort to latch..
  5. SSM 52444 2018-24 Mustang rear noise

    SSM 52444 addresses 2018-2024 Mustang rear noises.
  6. Ford Chief Design Officer resigns

    Maybe the next S650 will now have an integrated dash, which is what it should have had from the start… https://carbuzz.com/fords-chief-design-officer-anthony-lo-resigns/
  7. How many Car Chases can M6Gers put into a thread…

    Post up any car Classic or current car chase video, does not have to have any Mustangs, it can be from any era, any car, any where. M6Gers how many can we get into a single thread… Be sure to post the name (if applicable) and the vid Here’s some classics: COBRA: Duel: Steel Arena: The...
  8. Coyote Gen 4 and 4X Crate engines available

    Posting for anyone interested; Ford is releasing the Coyote Gen 4 and 4X Crate engines per event CarBuzz release: https://carbuzz.com/ford-releasing-two-new-coyote-crate-engines/
  9. Oil catch can (not your typical redundant questions about OCC’s thread)

    So we all know: - there are many varieties and styles of aftermarket S550 oil catch cans…. - the many redundant threads on here about “is it worth it to add one or not”… or “there’s no need for a OCC”… - the theories, tech, and ideology behind oil catch cans and their function… This thread...
  10. Has anyone had their S550 painted with electric illuminated paint?

    Seems to be gaining in popularity…. Just wondering if anyone has had their S550 painted with the electric illuminated paint? It looks like normal paint in daylight but at night once it’s electrified via 12v, it illuminates and looks wild… Lumilor: https://www.lumilor.com/
  11. FYI: SSM 52314 Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Torque Procedure

    Just passing along the FYI for you DIYers… I’m wondering if older threads on here from M6Gers where their 5.0 crank sprocket was found to be cracked, missing teeth and/or where some had a complete failure were possibly due to incorrect torque when the engine was initially assembled…. Just a...
  12. Any DE members on here?

    Just was curious if there’s anyone from Delaware on here? If so, what’s the car scene like and whereabouts in DE?
  13. Delete

    Delete posted in wrong section…
  14. Project builds - questions

    Hey all, What are you all using for project build distributions online? Meaning EXCLUDING the FB platform, what site is free with a good easy to manage platform and is best for sharing project builds? I know there’s a sub-section here for builds, but I’m talking about one to set up for a...
  15. Front seat rattles: TSB 24-2433

    I’ve seen this concern come up quite a few times regarding S550 front seat rattles. See if this helps, attached TSB 24-2433
  16. M6G Funny Road Signs

    We have the meme thread, but we need a Funny Road Signs thread since we are auto enthusiasts …
  17. Has anyone had a vehicle display board made up?

    For those of you who take your vehicles (any type) to car shows - have you had a “vehicle display board” made up that details bullet points or production info about your vehicle? If so, who did you have do the board, how big is it, approximate cost, and if possible can you share an image of it?
  18. Laguna Seca being sued by its neighbors

    Article courtesy of CarBuzz: https://www.thedrive.com/news/a-public-nuisance-laguna-secas-neighbors-sue-track-want-it-shut-down This is just BS… these homeowners know what they’re getting into when buying a home near ANY track. If they don’t like the noise, don’t move near any existing track.
  19. Vroom is done

    Vroom collapses and suspends operations; article courtesy of CarBuzz: https://www.thedrive.com/news/online-use-car-seller-vroom-collapses-as-sales-fall-losses-mount I think many seen this coming - and it could trickle down to other similar business operations…
  20. NASCAR Museum forced to close

    This is a shame… Article courtesy of The Drive: https://www.thedrive.com/news/nascar-museum-forced-to-close-sell-collection-over-winston-name-dispute