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  1. the-300k-ford-mustang-gtd-uses-zip-ties

    I doubt it will make it to production like that, lol.
  2. Camaro Clown vs Trees

    I’ve done it a time or two in person.
  3. Camaro Clown vs Trees

    Most def a Camaro
  4. Boosted on stock 2.5" exhaust

    "SIGNATURE", in your account settings
  5. Steeda, this can’t be normal

    I got quite a bit a vibration when I swapped in my trans mount (different company) and it got a little better over time but still very noticeable, but does not at all seem as bad as yours is, something must not be quite right because that does seem a little excessive.
  6. Flapping noise

    Checked your inner fender liner?
  7. Boosted on stock 2.5" exhaust

    How much do you want to make? I am all OEM besides the Steeda H-Pipe, active exhaust, should be around 900whp give or take but have not been to the dyno since being on the 120mm pulley and 93 octane.
  8. Best Dash Cams

    I ended up ordering the Vantrue n5... just came this morning, don't know when I will feel like doing the install, so guess we will see how it goes. Seems like there is a lot of pretty good options out there, hard to choose, I just picked one, lol.
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Do the install first, even if you forget, it is not gonna start if you changed the injectors... not a big deal
  10. Best Dash Cams

    I know there have been threads on dash cams before but technology changes fast and new stuff comes out, so not interested in years old threads. What are you guys running and are you happy with it? anything that records front, rear and possibly inside the cabin?
  11. ESS G3 and MT82-D4 1/4 mile data

    Yea it is, it’s the only thing pushing me to upgrade, lol.. seeing everyone’s times on the dragy talk fb group. If not for that, I’d probably still be on the 120mm pulley and 93 octane. That is probably my problem to, all those fast ass cars in that group makes mine look like a 150hp Civic…...
  12. ESS G3 and MT82-D4 1/4 mile data

    You’d stomp me in a race still. A10s are a cheat code, lol. I’m gonna have to wait for fall weather I think lol… I tried tonight but it’s still 70* out, I hit 14lbs of boost and still only ran a 6.5. I can probably get a 6.3 if I went back out and cleaned up my shifts.. I only did one run...
  13. $1300 lowering spring install and alignment

    I’d try calling another shop if you don’t feel up to trying the spring install yourself. Should be able to get the alignment for under $200.
  14. ESS G3 and MT82-D4 1/4 mile data

    Totally just a guess by me, I never go to the track anymore, lol. But that’s good news then.
  15. ESS G3 and MT82-D4 1/4 mile data

    I think a stick car will need around 875+ I just put my 100mm pulley on my G3 today, should be enough to put me in the high 800s… going to run 60-130 later tonight and hoping to get in the 5s.. hoping for at least 5.9.. which should be enough theoretically to trap 140. My previous best on the...
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Finally got my 100mm pulley put on today and sent logs to Wengerd, got a tune revision and the ok to full send it. Hoping to take it out later tonight and get some 60-130 times and beat my previous times.
  17. Community Feedback Needed! Apex Wheels Project ML-10 Survey

    Would look great on the SN95 (94-04) Mustangs for sure.
  18. Low oil pressure? 2017 GTPP

    Normal @ idle
  19. Shaker trunk sub

    Yes you can.
  20. G2 or G3 ESS Supercharger for 2023 Mustang GT

    G2 and 120mm will get you what you want for the best price. G3 will be a little more money but will give you 30-40whp more on the same setup. So for example, the G2/120mm might net you 640whp where the G3/120mm will net you 680whp. So you have to decide if that’s worth it to you. GT500...