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  1. Oklahoma AIM SOLO DL w/ Ram mount and OBDII

    Perfect working order. Updated with the latest firmware. Complete with OBDII cable, Ram suction cup mount, USB/charger, manual and original box. $350 shipped
  2. Oklahoma DSC Sport Shock Controller

    yes it did
  3. Oklahoma nGuage with 91/100oct Lund tunes

    bump for lower price
  4. Oklahoma Back to stock sale GT350 S550 parts

    bump...lowered prices
  5. Oklahoma nGuage with 91/100oct Lund tunes

    Set back to stock $250 shipped
  6. Oklahoma Back to stock sale GT350 S550 parts

    Two items remain.
  7. Oklahoma Back to stock sale GT350 S550 parts

    They are still available.
  8. Oklahoma Back to stock sale GT350 S550 parts

    List will be updated as parts sell: Lowered prices! Spherical Bearing Front Control Arm Kit w/ Cool Tech brake duct completion - 2015-2019 S550 Mustang & GT350 - $250 shipped - No added NVH, no alignment needed, easy swap!
  9. Oklahoma Lethal Off Road mid-pipes

    no they are sold
  10. Oklahoma 2016 Mustang GT350 Track Package - 5600mi -priced to sell!

    Year: 2016 Make: Ford Model: Mustang Trim: GT350 Color: Oxford White w/ Deep Impact Blue stripes Transmission: Tremec 3160 6 spd Mileage: 5674 Modifications: Well maintained. PPF since new (nose, headlights, portion of the hood, a-pillars, roof, mirrors, rockers and rear impact area in front...
  11. Oklahoma GT350 Titanium brake shims/heat shields

    $125 shipped Complete set F&R. 1mm Titanium Shims designed to limit heat transfer through the backing plate of the brake pad and into the brake caliper pistons. F&R 4 piece sets which will protect the caliper pistons from heat during track events helping prevent caliper seal damage, fluid...
  12. Oklahoma DSC Sport Shock Controller

    Selling the car.
  13. Oklahoma DSC Sport Shock Controller

    new price...cant find one cheaper!
  14. GT GT350 Calipers

    Takeoffs with less than 1k miles. Powder coat or paint these to match your stripes or your tastes. $575 shipped (firm)
  15. Oklahoma DSC Sport Shock Controller

    DSC Sport Controller includes bracket. $1100 shipped (firm) You won't find one cheaper! They are $1400 new now.