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  1. HELP! Idle Consistently Fluctuating and Causing Hesitation 2016 GT Supercharged

    I think you're chasing your tail here with the idle thing. Maybe a good tuner could make it a little more stable, idk. If you have hesitation, it's something else, not related to the idle. For an example, here's a log of my car with a Whipple showing rpm and the AFR from the O2 sensors...
  2. Gt running rich not adjusting

    There's nothing obvious in that log aside from an odd drop out on the signal for the bank 1 O2 sensor. That could just be a logging error. It happened way before the engine died. The short term trims work now and were adding fuel showing it thought it was lean. Did you see if there is a code...
  3. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    It's because that wire is just supposed to power a sensor with a tiny amount of current. The bowler harness draws more power than that wire (an output directly from the ECM) is designed to deliver.
  4. T56 Magnum XL w/ 3.55 Rear Gears

    I have 2.66 with 3.73's. My trap speed was right at 130mph and I ended up crossing the line at 7800rpm in 3rd every time and kissing the rev limiter. 4.09's would be perfect for a shift to 4th with the 2.66 as well. With 2.66, if you trap under 130, then you can just stay in 3rd. 😆
  5. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    Just curious... what the hell is a fuel system flush anyway? What would they flush it with? I would have had a lot of fun with that service department. Like "Ok, please show me each item and why it needs that service."
  6. Whipple gen3 locked up... discuss next options?

    I guess my point is to everyone blaming Whipple for not owning this failure... You're running a pretty extreme setup and you've had the blower for a few years. No way to prove to them it only had a few thousand miles on it. I don't understand why they expect Whipple to pony up and fix it. I...
  7. Whipple gen3 locked up... discuss next options?

    Looking back through your build thread, it looks like you are running a 3.0 pulley with a 20% overdrive crank. Have you ever calculated the max blower rpm with that combo? Whipple lists max as 18k rpm. A 10 rib 20% OD ATI pulley is 7.88 in diameter. So, blower speed at 8k engine RPM with a...
  8. Whipple gen3 locked up... discuss next options?

    I'd recommend talking to Jon Bond Performance about a rebuild or trade-in. I gave them a call when my gen 2 started making noise. Jon ended up buying my gen 2 from me and I bought a gen 4 to replace it. His rebuild quote was half what Whipple quoted.
  9. Correction: Whipple Sends Single Pass Heat Exchanger with my kit, with Upgraded H/E?

    I damaged my heat exchanger right before a track day and I was sure wishing I had a spare...
  10. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Does that say 31S? I'm confused as to why there is a letter in that field. Mine says 34 for a stock tune and I changed it to 12. I don't really know how the Bowler configuration works as I've never used one. If the Bowler is getting 12 on its input and outputting 34 to the PCM, then you set...
  11. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Use the transmission ratios I posted in this picture for the 2.97 ratio transmission. The other numbers were for a 2.66 ratio transmission. Set the min/max ranges with the highlighted cells, and put the nominal gear ratios from the white cells into the Trans Gear Ratios vs Gear ECM40000...
  12. MAK performance or 2M Fabrication??

    I have the 2M kit although I haven't installed it. I will say that the reducer adapters were the wrong size and I asked them for an extra flange, but they couldn't be bothered to help or respond over email. Best I ever got was one non-helpful response and then they ignored me. They also have...
  13. VCM Scanner: how to monitor Knock Count and Retard?

    The only time you have to use that field is when the tune is locked by a tuner so it can't be edited. I licensed my own whipple OS and don't have to fill in that field at all. When I ran a tune from a tuner, I had to put in the OS id so VCM Scanner knew which OS it was. Looking at PCMTec, it...
  14. VCM Scanner: how to monitor Knock Count and Retard?

    Most likely your OS isn't mapped out by HPTuners yet. You'll probably have to send them a read and then wait for support to answer and add your OS.
  15. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Good call. Is it just my eyes or does it look like the metal part just behind the hex where you put a wrench is also bent on the old sensor? Maybe it got smacked by something?
  16. Cold weather tires for my boosted setup - 700+ hp

    He said 555G2 not R2. Big difference. I run a dedicated snow tire (Michelin X-Ice) in the winter with a 245 width. At any temperature under 60 degrees, the snow tire outperforms the 305 width 555G2's. They're just not very good. I do hear good things about the R2. If you're going to do a...
  17. What’s the proper way to ground this?

    I wouldn't overthink it. That ground isn't there for the starter, it's just there for the trigger wire that goes hot when you turn the key to start. It's not high current. Hell you could probably use an equal gauge or slightly larger wire as the small red wire and route it to some other...