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  1. Local dealer discounting again.

    My local dealer is discounting most Mustangs about $4,000 now. Are you seeing the same in your area?
  2. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/dodge-challenger-trounces-ford-mustang-chevy-camaro-sales-again-in-2022?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=social&fbclid=IwAR1DRjQDyU2GdwJD7Q7bkVqxm_d0uILBuSO2TsT0GPPtVCaqPbDnb1VX_dk "It's no secret that Chevy Camaro sales aren't anything to...
  3. Throttle closing after a second or so of going100%

    After I blew a boost hose off, my car sat a bit. Car was showing high cat temps. I had "Test" pipes installed to see if the cats were plugged. Cats look good. Cat temps still show high quickly even though they are not there. This with or without the blower belt on. I put the belt back on, did a...
  4. 2023 Maverick Hybrids sold out, last day to order an EB.

    I never saw so much demand for a vehicle before. No doubt Ford could sell 500,000 of these trucks If they could build them. Order banks were open for 5 days for hybrids, and 6 days for the 2.0 Ecoboost. Those who didn't get an order in probably won't be able to until the 2024 order bank opens...
  5. Illinois 2018 Mustang GT 301A/A10 Procharger P1X stage 2. Only 3,400 miles. Chicago Burbs.

    2018 MUSTANG GT 301A. KONA BLUE, W/BLACK ROOF. A10 Automatic, 3.55 Limited slip, Active Exhaust, Black accent package. Ceramic coated, with no bad weather days. No winters, not driven on rainy days. Only 3,400 miles, About 800 miles boosted. with clear and clean title in hand. $47,000 Firm...
  6. Whipple/Coyote powered Tesla

    Have you guys seen this one yet? They took a model 3 and stuffed a Whipple supercharged Coyote into it.
  7. Boost hose blew off.

    3,400 miles on car, 800 boosted. I went to the drag strip last night, and the car ran about 1.5 seconds slower than it should. Edit: Just a loose boost hose.
  8. Great Lakes Dragaway on Wednesday evening anyone?

    Anyone up for GLD on Wednesday evening? I usually go to Byron, but they have no T&T days for a month. I want to run my new party pulley on the P1X. Car should be in the 9's. It will be 75-76* on Wednesday, with a 1% chance of rain.
  9. Installed Steeda Diff Support, black bushings, & DSS Aluminum shaft.

    A bit of gear howl above 20mph, but what a difference. The diff feels welded in place now, where before you could feel it moving some. Can't wait to pulley down my P1X from 4" to 3.5" and hit the track again. It should be solidly in the 9's.
  10. Gas prices dropping soon?

    Oil prices are almost back down to $100 a barrel. If you don't need fuel, don't buy it yet. Should be falling soon. Only down a penny here, but it takes time for the process to drop them. I last bought gas in my work van on 2/24, before it went crazy high. About 1/4 left so I I'll need gas by...
  11. Laxed NHRA roll cage rules for 2022!

    All our S550 coupe's can now run 9.00/150 without a cage due to a new rule change. This was done to make Demon and S Plaids legal to run, but extends to most other late models...
  12. Aluminum valve covers.

    Has anyone tried these out? Listed as fitting gen 1, 2 & 3, but I doubt they will fit Gen 3. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tsn-84052p?rrec=true#overview
  13. Time for a P1X Party Pulley.

    Ready to install this 3.5" pulley, Aluminum Driveshaft & Differential support. Back to Byron Dragway in late March or April.
  14. How Often or/Last time you were stopped by police.

    I won't include commercial trucks here, but when was the last time you were stopped by police in a personal vehicle? Last time for me (knock on wood) was 21 years ago. I was in my Lightning, just lit up 2 gears IN FRONT of the officer through a busy 6 way intersection in Chicago. Full smoky...
  15. It's a beautiful day!

    Paid off my GT today, 18 months early. As soon as I receive the title, she's all mine! Hopefully I can drive it again next month, depending on weather.
  16. FEDEX shipping scam.

    Last month I received a pallet from FedEx at my store. Driver was unloaded within 5 minutes, and went and sat in his truck for 20 minutes before leaving. I figured maybe he was eating his lunch. Fast forward about 2 1/2 weeks, I get a bill from FedEx for $75.00 for detaining the truck. The...
  17. DSS Drive shaft, Aluminum or Chromoly?

    Not really wanting Carbon Fiber, if you had to choose Aluminum or Chromoly which would you choose and why? Looking for a shaft that can hold up to 1,200hp to be ready for future updates.
  18. About to find the limits of stock.

    I feel my car is at the limit on several components. My entire internal engine and drivetrain is stock except a set of GT350 axles. Only power mods are Procharger P1X and a fuel system. Car has run a best of 10.20/138, and a best 60' of 1.62. I do have a STH starter kit & drag springs, and some...
  19. Lost power to gauges, hvac, drive modes, turn signals, backup camera etc. after a run at the strip.

    Cut my day short and drove home. Disconnected the battery, and reset it and all works again. Any Idea what caused it? I'd like to address the problem so I don't have this issue again.
  20. She's thirsty.

    My GT is a thirsty girl. You could say she's an alcoholic. She guzzles E85 like it's going out of style. 96 miles to E on a full tank. And this hasn't been reset for several tanks.