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  1. M-2300-MR Kit?

    Must have not remember correctly - apologies @CobaltFilly - however the GT caliper is still single piston one. Not sure it's worth the effort / money. Looking at amount of still original brake pads left there on my car - I think not.
  2. M-2300-MR Kit?

    GT always had single piston rear caliper. 99% sure it's the same brake you already have. Look up Levittown or Tasca website - shows rear caliper being same for everything (paste and copy from their website) : EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT 50 Years Limited Edition, GT Premium, V6
  3. M-2300-MR Kit?

    Don't you already have it on your car though ? It's been a long time but I though rear calipers were all the same on 15-17 cars.
  4. Handling is Amazing.....But

    Upgraded FP bushing is actually a spherical bearing and it is the one in the knuckle, not toe link. (which is sort of pain in the ass to replace) I think that PP toe links already have spherical bearing in the link so the only thing your toe link accomplishes is the adjustability - which in OEM...
  5. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Do you know that by pre/post comparison ? (not questioning it just myself I find it difficult to tell without back to back testing on the same day and it would require some sort of steady state cornering, accelerometer - at least the one in Racecapture doesn't seem to have enough fidelity)...
  6. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    How did you like Mach1 compared to your car ?
  7. Wheel Spacers

    I can tell you that even 25mm bolt on spacer wasn't think enough for the Magride studs to not stick out and wheels generally don't have deep enough recess for those sticking out ends of the studs. Also - reach out to OP - they're very responsive and will advise you on what fits and what...
  8. Wheel Spacers

    Is Eibach a slip on ? It sounds like they are referring to a bolt on - in which longer Magride studs will stick out through the spacers not allowing the wheel to sit flat on the spacerl OP I think is referring to a longer hub lip that wheel hub cylindrical surface mates to.
  9. Wheel Spacers

    What do you mean compatible ? 15 mm spacer has 15 mm of thickness. They will all be the same.
  10. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I only have center vent and recently got a lot rain (in Saint Louis) - car survived it without slightest issue so at this point I quit thinking about making an intake cover. But I do not have side vents in which case one of them would have been directly over (open) airbox.
  11. Of mice and batteries...

    I bought the clamp assembly off Amazon - had the exact same thing happen. Btw- if you put that clamp in baking soda, it's very effective cleaning method and very satisfying to watch....
  12. Steeda Upgrade Kit: A Stronger Front Hub & Knuckle For Better Handling!

    Oh - that may actually work out - since size is major diameter of the shank, not the socket you use for the head. Thanks, that's helpful !!
  13. Steeda Upgrade Kit: A Stronger Front Hub & Knuckle For Better Handling!

    Are you absolutely certain new ones were 8 mm and not 6 mm ? Did Steeda figured out P/N for those bolts ?
  14. When to prefer aftermarket vs OEM parts?

    I'll second Jacob above. Aftermarket part makers tend to use term "better handling" or "better performance" when it comes to suspension parts which means just about nothing. Sway is a sway bar and it is means for suspension tuning ather than magical low hanging fruit to make car "better" (which...
  15. Front hubs for 2022 GT 300A Base

    Now I read through all the info you have available. Does anyone in addition to Steeda sell a kit ? I'd have replace studs right from the get go - I know you have readily available hubs with long studs....
  16. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Isn't GT4 engine a Voodoo block with regular cross-plane crank ? (for a reason) Someone here on the forum was doing that too.
  17. Front hubs for 2022 GT 300A Base

    Thanks - but are they ? They are also mounted with 4 bolts, not with single nut. Thought those (NagrodÄ™) hubs were identical to GT 350 ones ?
  18. Front hubs for 2022 GT 300A Base

    Would those swap right in on a '18 Magride car ? Meaning would the existing hubs fit as they are ?
  19. Ohio WTB Apex SM-10 / EC-7 or forged ones 18"x11" ET52 set of 4

    Interested in buying a set of Apex wheels in Mustang fitment, all four with ET52 offset since I run front spacers. Interested only in 18"x11" . Can drive reasonable distance to pick up.
  20. (Advice Please) 2017 Mustang GT 90k Miles Priced at 18k

    Possible, would it show - if well done, may not be easy to spot and it strongly depends on the accident. May be just a good price for some reason but I'd be very cautious with it if I were you. Price seems too good.