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  1. Paint codes.

    I am not home, and my son is trying to find the code for the wheel/mirror caps/ spoiler on my HHP. I am sure it is listed on the car somewhere, but the car and manual is at home and I'm not. Any help here. Son is going to drop of parts to match to those parts above.
  2. 2024. White

  3. Can't find the other Maui thread.

    Hug your s/o and kids tight when you see them. Life can change in seconds and you might not be able to say good bye. Bless you all.
  4. Odd Quirk

    I pulled a fuel tank from another car and had to drain it. So drained the fuel into fuel cans and then put one can (3 gallons) in the S550 every few days. The Check engine light came on because the car thought the fuel tanks level sensor had a fault . So I take it, the "system" doesn't like it...
  5. Air bags and. Track mode?

    Does track mode interrupt the air bag system or do you have to manually do so.
  6. Anyone have the RTR duck tail rear spoiler?

    If so, how was the fit of it?
  7. How to find out about Ford incentives ?

    The Ford site , states contact local dealer, but dealers are playing dumb. Saw an ad on tv for Ford SUV'S best rate of the year 1.9% for 72.
  8. Why Doesn't vehicles have this?

    The vehicles can show you the tire psi at all 4 corners, but not the spare. Ya ya, I know many vehicles today don't come with one or it is an extra cost option. But it be nice if for those with one or add one could have it listed on the menu with the other 4.
  9. Double standards

    Are quite "interesting"
  10. Video for dummies ?

    Hello. My neighbors kid, is into cars, and just bought a fairly nice vehicle and because I have more than a few classic cars and the s550 and other new breed muscle. He asked how to care for his rides interior and paint. I frankly suck explaining things, or explaining why, how, or teaching as I...
  11. S650 threads on here.

    The top of the forum has a button that links the g7 forum. Why is the latest post/thread listing littered with post,threads from that forum? If I want to read about the Joan Rivers face-lift car I'll hit the button on the banner to go there. When I come to this forum , my interest are all...
  12. M.Y.20 B&O 12 speaker sub wiring pin out?

    It is my understanding that the sub has it's own amp and the feed to it is line level. I want to add a volume control inline before the sub amp so when playing podcast or morning traffic/weather, talk radio I can kill the volume of the sub and lose the host mic boom,etc. Thanks for any help.
  13. The parts bin special eb-hhp parts question

    I know the EB-HHP was a parts bin car. problem is most automotive parts businesses don't list the car at all. Is there a list of what parts got lifted from what other trim level . I mean the base eb hhp is claimed to have gt front brakes, but what does the hhp with handling package have front...
  14. Ford App remote start question?

    Hello, It seems the app will allow you to start the car through it, but only once. After that you have to use the key fob before it will allow you to remote start the car through the app. Can this be changed. I like to start it every week and let it run 10 minutes . but at times am away...
  15. Euro tail lights, Ice trim tail lights ?

    Hello. Anyone know if the Ice trim USA clear /white tail lights have amber turn color like the euro lights or are they red turn and brake. Thanks.
  16. Merry Christmas

    Here is hoping you all get what you asked for, and a speeding ticket free new year.