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  1. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Device should be here late Saturday so expect some tuning updates Sunday. Hopefully the base tune will be easy as I just have to copy values from other tunes to my file but like everything with this car I doubt it will go smoothly. My luck the pcm will brick and the car will explode as I crank it
  2. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Only thing needed is more money to buy the custom os version haha
  3. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Well I couldn’t get mine to work haha. You can get another type that is like $30 but pcm tec doesn’t recommend them
  4. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    I might use the hptuners logger too as I have lots of experience using it but we will see. And I won’t be doing flex fuel but I will be doing e85/e98. I’ll probably end up making a tune for 91oct, e85, e54, and e98 as they are the common percentages around my area. Might even do a 100octane...
  5. Window Sticker

    For those of you asking I no longer work at the dealership so I don't have access to the tools to get you a window sticker. If you have a nice service advisor you can ask them to get it for you and email it to you. I recommend asking them next time you get your oil change so they feel like they...
  6. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Mine shows the OS provider. Maybe try updating or reinstalling
  7. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    I see multiple KTGV2 fyi
  8. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    I highly doubt I will be able to read the Lund tunes as they lock them all. You can't even log most parameters as they limit what you can log to what they need (and they typically don't log that much).
  9. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Where do you find those files? I was just using there stock rebuild tool to look at stock mustang ones
  10. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    2015 Mustang GT Premium 6r80 3.15 Diff Gen 3 Shortblock, Gen 2 Heads machined to 12.1:1 CR Stage 3 N/A comp cams, Ford performance phasers, mmr valve springs, Boss302 tensioners, Upgraded OPG + crank sprocket PMAS fenderwell intake, Ported 2018 Manifold with IMRC adapters, Headers no cats...
  11. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Since I won't have the needed cable for probably another week I have been doing research on the changes I will need to make to the tune to get the car to run. I need to update the maf in the tune as the maf tubing size is way bigger than stock. I also need to update the injector data as I have...
  12. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Already blew up 2 motors. I will be perfectly happy NOT blowing up another haha
  13. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Ended up buying the obdx pro ft they recommend. I made a post on the pcmtec forums to see if anyone has successfully used the cable I bought. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/2253-mini-vci-j2534-cable-issues
  14. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Ya I installed them on a laptop I don’t have anything important on
  15. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Tried those and doesn't look like pcmtec is picking the drivers up. I think your friends is a clone of that specific device while mine is just a J2534 cable so maybe they wont work. I dont know. Ill probably order the cable they recommend and if I can figure out how to get this working for...
  16. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    New thread for self tuning stuff: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/tdstuart-tuning-adventure.201824/
  17. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    Do you know what drivers he is using? PCMTec says it can't read the pcm.
  18. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Ill try not to haha
  19. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    For the pcmtec software you can use generic J2534 cables. They have ones they recommended and tested but they cost about $140. Found some cheap one on amazon I could get next day shipped that I wanted to try...
  20. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    Finally decided to try and tune my own car. As of now I will be using pcmtec. I have absolutely no experience tuning so this is going to be fun. The thread is going to be small updates with the progress and things I learn.