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  1. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Not an s550 but still a beauty….
  2. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    For a daily driver….Mach 1 all the way. The Mach 1 will be a great driver for you. From a financial perspective it will be, like most cars, a depreciating asset. The 13/14 GT500 will be one of the most collectible Mustangs down the road.
  3. Why more GT500's for sale than 350’s or Mach 1’s?

    That is awesome….enjoy.
  4. Why more GT500's for sale than 350’s or Mach 1’s?

    I had one…cool cars, very fast. I’m a manual guy so the car got old fast.
  5. Has anybody seen anti matter blue in real life? How does it compare to Kona?

    Here are some of my dark colored rides of the past and present……
  6. Has anybody seen anti matter blue in real life? How does it compare to Kona?

    I daily drive a lifted 23 F150 Black Widow. it is Ford Shadow Black. Before my BW I daily drove a black 19 F150 6” lift, 35” Fuel Wheels, a 14 F250 Blue Jeans, 2005 Suburban z71 black. My wife drives a 13 Land Cruiser we bought new, also black. I love dark colored cars and also love...
  7. Has anybody seen anti matter blue in real life? How does it compare to Kona?

    Kona Blue….no ceramic or any exotic top coat. Just paint that is maintained and coated with lots of carnuba wax. 17k miles…..
  8. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    The only thing we can do is wait and see…
  9. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    350, and it’s not even close. They are coming back with the 500 in a few years….it will be more powerful and manual which will leave the current 500 lost in the mix. The 500 to own is the 13-14. Although more powerful 500’s will come and go, the killer retro body of the s197 is gone.…
  10. Maryland 2022 Mach 1 owners kit. In original shipping box, never removed $225 shipped

    Selling a 2022 Mach 1 owners kit. Still in original shipping box. $225 shipped….Tom 301-717-2663
  11. Catch can and Roush SC

    safe your money man…if you blower needed catch can it would have came with them.
  12. Just listed a nice used Mach 1 car cover for sale in exterior section of classifieds

    Selling a nice used Mach 1 car car in the exterior section of the classifieds. Check it out…..
  13. Maryland 21-23 Mach 1 Car cover with Mach 1 logo embroidery

    Selling a custom made car cover for a 21-23 Mach 1 very good used condition. Some tire dressing stains and 1 tiny hole…see picture. Hole may be 1/8” approx. $180 shipped from Gaithersbur, MD…..Tom 301 717 2663
  14. Steeda Tunes (Mach 1) Now Available!!

    Does this tune/tuner allow the owner to change the tire size to correct the speedometer. Thanks.
  15. Hood Struts

    all of them. The very nature of the install damages the paint on the inner fender and hood bracket. I know this isn’t a big deal for lots of folks, but it makes me cringe.
  16. Hood Struts

    i avoid using these since they scratch the inner fenders when installed
  17. First time putting a car away for winter, what is needed?

    Storing it here really is not necessary for months on end. Every winter here is different but the last few have been very mild. Sometimes a storm comes through and leaves us with a foot of snow, so obviously you will want to wait until the snow melts and the salt is washed away. I Would say...
  18. Lost for words

    Starts with Soros picking who he wants as da and funding them.
  19. Passed on an S650, I posted this in the S650 forums as well...

    Your car rocks….I always enjoy looking at the pics. 4.09 gears must be nice.