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  1. Coyote intercooler thread

    The 2.3 crew has a big intercooler thread, so I figured the Coyote folks should also discuss. This could be a good resource to discuss modifications/upgrades/performance of a2a/a2w setups for all forced induction types. Post up what you got! I currently run a Procharger stg2 with a2w. The a2w...
  2. Bring back Vibrant aluminum mufflers!

    I've used Vibrant aluminum mufflers in the past, but they have discontinued them. I saw this video they posted and they ask if the car community wants them back. If so they ask to post in the comments. They were high quality and affordable so I posted I want them asap! Their vid shows a nice...
  3. Rear coilover?

    Are rear coilovers frequently used in roadracing? I'm looking to run rear coilovers for a drag application but assumed I'd check here first as you guys would be the primary users. What rear coilover kits are recommended? Is failure of the upper threaded mount on the body common with coilovers?
  4. Rear spring in the 1100lb/in range

    Hey folks, does anyone know of rear springs that are linear that are in the 1100lb/in range? I suppose my internet search skills are not up to par haha. I'm looking to try a stiffer rear setup for my drag application.
  5. Ohio 6rstager

    6rstager for sale, perfect condition with manual. $280 shipped.
  6. 6r80 to th400 swap info archive

    My aim is to collect here, 6r80 to th400 swap info for future reference. I am currently doing this swap and will post up my details with the products I'm using. There are some general bits of info that I'd like to see if anyone has details on at this time. ECU and BCM need flashed to manual...
  7. Ohio WTB manual pinion flange

    I'm in need of a 15-17 pinion flange from a manual car. Let me know what you got!
  8. Ohio Built 6r80 transmission

    Gen2 f150, 6r80. Exedy stage 2 clutches, TCS intermediate shaft, Bluestreak billet planetary, thermostatic bypass. I've had this trans in my car over the past year with excellent results. Been 8.35 at 165 with it. Has roughly 25 passes on it with a few hundred street miles. No need for refresh...
  9. Ohio QA1 carbon driveshaft

    Qa1 carbon driveshaft, perfect condition. Fits 15-17 6r80 car. No abrasions or anything of that nature. Comes with all hardware needed to install. Located in Cincinnati, prefer not to ship. Sold
  10. Ohio Circle D 4c converter

    Circle D 4c, 245mm converter for 6r80 trans. Had circle d open it up last year, all good. Been 1.24 60ft with it. Worked real well from 700whp to 1300whp. Located in Cincinnati. $1000 plus ship, will ship in original box.
  11. Ohio Fore rails and fittings NEW

    Parts new, never ran. Regulator and y block sold. Fore rails with pressure gauge and 4 -8 male fittings. $280 shipped. Fore F2i regulator with 3 -8 male fittings. Sold Fore Y-block with 3 -8 male fittings. Sold
  12. Ford Racing EV S550

    Pic from the PRI show. I missed it this year, anyone have info on this?? We all saw the electric Cobra Jet, but could this possibly be a front subframe?. What do you guys think? I know Ford collaborated with AEM on their EV electronics, maybe we will see an s550 EV kit at some point??
  13. Ohio LU47 new in box

    Brand new, unopened LU47 injectors. $240 shipped.
  14. Cobra Jet intake availability?

    What's the deal with Cobra Jet intake manifold availability? Anyone have any info? Heard there maybe a version 2 coming?
  15. Drag wheel fitment thread

    Hopefully this can be a resource for members looking for drag wheel info moving forward. Lots of different variables considering wheel / tire size, brakes, rear spindles and springs. This would be a great place to lay out your details and pics! Front: 17x4.5 Weld V-series, MT ET Street fronts...
  16. 5.2L head gaskets FYI

    Many of us are running a 5.2 (3.700 bore) bottom ends. Cometic traditionally has not offered the MLX version head gasket for the 5.2, only the standard MLS. The MLX features the stopper design where the center layer is folded back onto itself. Creating additional stack up at the bore, which...
  17. Ohio Weld s76 beadlocks

    One set of Weld s76 beadlocks and front runners for sale. Located in Cincinnati, prefer not to ship at this time. Excellent condition, no plugs in tires, no rash, no surprises. $3800 18x5 frontrunner clears PP brakes. Brand new 28x6-18 ET Street fronts. Weld part number 76HB8050A21A. 17x10...
  18. New PB, Procharger 8.35 @ 165

    Air was pretty good today. New PB with the Procharger F1A94!! Tire is a 305/45-17 et street r. I ran out of intercooler... IATs are getting high. Anyway, on to the slip.
  19. Smooth intake tube?

    Hey folks, im looking for a smooth polymer intake tube like all the big name brands make. But i need one that is smooth with no hose barbs, sound tube connection etc. Does that exist? Id like to see what is out there for my coyote swap. Throttle body location is similar to a Boss intake. Any...
  20. Ohio Hoosier fronts 28x4.5-18

    Hoosier drag fronts, 28x4.5-18, great condition with very low miles. Located in Cincinnati, but could ship at buyers expense. $240, shipping will be another $45. https://www.jegs.com/i/Hoosier/522/18112/10002/-1