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  1. Erratikmind

    18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Which X pipe did you go with?
  2. Erratikmind

    Why is it always bad news with Mustang owners? Never good?

    In other news, today . . . This Mustang owner saved 15% with Geico.
  3. Erratikmind

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the Redline hood struts. Gotta love it!
  4. Erratikmind

    18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    The 2 above noted comments pretty much sum up my personal thoughts, as well. Beware, if you are looking for more than noted and plan to modify down the road.
  5. Erratikmind

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I purchased the same filter from LMR. I had my local Ford tech install my kit, as well. Haven’t noticed much difference up on top. However, I am pleased with the extra boost down low when driving around town.
  6. Erratikmind

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I am looking at this Airaid Ford Performance reusable filter.
  7. Erratikmind

    Some guys seemingly tried to steal my 19 GT

    Remember . . . Don’t drop the soap in the shower. Hopefully, you have no real assets and no one that depends on you for their well being.
  8. Erratikmind

    What in Earth is this ? [UFO Help]

    Count to 3 and cut the Red wire.
  9. Erratikmind

    2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    As mentioned, take it in to your local dealership and have it checked. Moving forward . . . In a very tight/close emergency situation, the brake and clutch pedals are your best options in lieu of grabbing for a lower gear to slow down.
  10. Erratikmind

    18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    This is how these particular components were packaged.
  11. Erratikmind

    18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Mine came with the additional piece. It was packed in the box with the Procal and the TB adapter.
  12. Erratikmind

    2018-2019 GT Performance Kit Ford Performance

    My power pack arrived from Levittown Ford this past Saturday. I got in during the pre-order when it was a bit cheaper. It's a very simple install. However, since I have a 2020, I may have my Ford dealership install it to afford myself the nearly full warranty period. My GT arrived mid...
  13. Erratikmind

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Replaced the OEM shift knob for the Ford Performance carbon fiber shift knob.
  14. Erratikmind

    2020 Performance Package price

    MR is packaged with PP2. It is an optional add with PP1.
  15. Erratikmind

    Maximise battery life without a trickle charger

    Thats going to be one hell of a long cord.
  16. Erratikmind

    What is your go-to driving mode?

    Typically, when in town, I have it set to Normal and the exhaust is set to track. For freeway driving, MyMode is set to Sport+ w/Track exhaust.
  17. Erratikmind

    So many hood strut choices, which one is the best?

    I installed the Redline hood struts. The same on my Jeep have worked out very well. So, I opted for the same on my Mustang.
  18. Erratikmind

    Sound from rear of car (sound like from exhaust)

    At this point, I would be looking for anything of the said noted situation.
  19. Erratikmind

    18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Just received my FedEx tracking #. Thank you!