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  1. Finally joining the club!

    First off, gorgeous car! That color is awesome! I'm not sure how any issues ever occurred with catch cans but I've never had any issues with mine on the past 3 cars with 221,000 miles total. Zero. I've never seen condensation in any of them. Just looked like used oil. I've seen some milky...
  2. 2024 Saleen 302 Black Label

    It maybe the color, but it looks like a car from the early 2000s, when auto makers produced the ugliest cars! Too many soft lines and I agree with others, front end makes me think Dodge! (Who probably made the ugliest cars in the early 2000s)
  3. Confused about Flex Fuel Tune

    You're over thinking it. It can be intimidating when you haven't done it yet but when you flash a Flex Fuel Tune you can fill up with 91, E85 or any mix of the 2 and the car will adjust to it. I've been running a Livernois Flex Fuel tune for a couple years now and run E85 90+% of the time but...
  4. Help me understand flex fuel tunes

    Now that you say that, I do remember I had to go with 25mm in the front and 20mm in the rear because of the front studs. 20mm wouldn't work. The front studs are longer on magneride cars I believe. This is the style I bought.
  5. Help me understand flex fuel tunes

    Thanks. It's actually the stock setup with 20mm spacers on all 4 wheels with Michelin pilot sport 4s tires. The spacers seem to push the tire out enough that it fills in the wheel wells more.
  6. Help me understand flex fuel tunes

    He's talking about cars with boost. Not N/A cars. How are you not running E all the time?? 93 just makes me sad now. :crackup:
  7. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2024

    Ohio. I was in Indy for a weekend getaway last weekend.
  8. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2024

    Gloomy weekend in Indy but love hearing the exhaust echo off of the buildings!
  9. MT-82 second gear lockout about 7000rpm

    Trans mounted shifter bracket fixed my high rpm lock out too.
  10. Stock Air Filter vs AEM Dry Flow Filter

    I run that filter but I have a flex fuel tune so I can't say if you can feel any gain from it. No change in induction noise though. I had a JLT CAI for awhile and there was a lot of induction noise with that.
  11. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    From the 10th level of a parking garage in Indy over the weekend.
  12. would you

    It doesn't bother me to drive anything i own or would own all year around. Especially on cars that depreciate every year whether it's driven or not.
  13. What to get, 2016 GT or a 2013 SRT8 Challenger

    I had a '15 R/T Charger. I'm pretty sure my wife's Maxima SR was faster! lol
  14. What to get, 2016 GT or a 2013 SRT8 Challenger

    The 5.7 is for people that like V8 noises but don't care about performance. lol. I was very disappointed in the one I had.
  15. What to get, 2016 GT or a 2013 SRT8 Challenger

    My SRT wasn't like that. lol. It pulled hard until at least 130. MY R/T 5.7 however, it's a pig at highway speeds.
  16. What to get, 2016 GT or a 2013 SRT8 Challenger

    The 6.4 Hemi is an amazing engine. Tons of low end torque which makes it a blast red light to red light. I've had several 6.4 and 5.7 Hemi's. Put a lot of miles on them and never had any issues. Only downside to them is they don't respond to mods very well unless you go boost. The 5.0 is a...
  17. Confused about Flex Fuel Tune

    When I search "livernois flex tune mustang6g" on google there are a few threads recommending against them, but then there are threads like that for all of them. FWIW I've been running Livernois' Flex fuel tune for over a year and a half. No issues to report. I usually run E85 90% of the...
  18. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    I did a cat delete while FP X pipe and Steeda axle backs. I'm n/a on E85. It sounded bad, really bad. Very loud and so raspy. I installed the Magnaflow resonated tru x and it made the car too quiet for me. Sounded quieter than stock. I removed it after 3 weeks. I ended up installing a...