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  1. 2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    Here you go.
  2. Got a GT Premium Friday, now I want a PP2!!!

    Agreed. Steeda is right down where you are. I would take a ride over and meet everyone!!
  3. Supercharged Mustang Hits 178 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

    He FLEW right by the police. Fixed it for you!
  4. I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    It’s amazing how the ADM car is able to be an MSRP car once it lands and they don’t have an ADM car buyer lined up. I did thee same thing on my 2 Focus RS’s.
  5. Buying a rental? So much inventory

    A car is a car. Check it out and if it is in good shape for a good price buy it. Most rentals are Suzy Billy and the kids riding along on vacation.
  6. Anarchy Motive Shiter Knobs

    Most of the time he strings you along intil it’s too late to get your money back. He is pretty skilled at it.
  7. Anarchy Motive Shiter Knobs

    The theif should be in jail. Has been on every forum there is ripping people off.
  8. Should I refund my car? (Update: Got my refund)

    As soon as the GM said “buy it at the agreed price or take a full refund” I would have taken the refund. Should be easy to find one you really like. I wouldn’t even make an offer until I drove the car and was happy with it.
  9. So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    First car I ever bought was a three year old one of these. Only red 2600V6 in it’s day they were quite the car. I was hooked on small fast european (mine was built in Germany) They dominated european touring car racing in the early 70’s
  10. So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    I have wanted an RS since high school! And I’m 58 years old! When the new one came to America I had to get one!
  11. So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    It sounds awesome as long as you change the exhaust! I have Scorpion exhausts on both and they sound great!
  12. So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    Yup in the rain (or any crappy weather) the RS is an absolute beast!
  13. So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    I have 2 RS’s love them both Lot’s of fun to drive
  14. Custom plates, let's see them!

    Yea, If I could put it on in Chinese I would! Although with my luck the first cop I would have to deal with would be Chinese! Back to thhe more numbers and letters the better!
  15. Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    FYI the place Stangmode got his GT500 has a GT350HEP sitting on the lot right now at Sheridan Ford in Delaware. They have a 10 grand ADM. Might be worth talking to on the ADM or wait it out and see what happpens...
  16. Custom plates, let's see them!

    Maybe I’m just old. I used to think it was a good idea. Now they charge you more for one and after some thought the last thing I probably need is an easy to remember license plate. The more numbers and letters the better!
  17. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Ok it’s been a couple of months. What do you have? I’m sure I’m not the only one asking!
  18. 5k+ UPDATE - Steeda SMcQueen Suspension (Non-Magniride) 1k Review (w/images)

    Anything for a buck. Friggin amazing how low they will stoop. Same jerks that might sell you a GT500 at 10 grand over sticker!
  19. when you open the door to your garage, what are you greeted with?

    Depends which garage I have a few. 1. 2 3 Like em all!