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  1. How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

    I dont enjoy washing my car. And a car wash cant be trusted since I drive stick shift (I live in south Florida, people dont have much of an IQ down here). So its once a month or more, but car sits in the garage, I drive it 3 times a week, working from home.
  2. My beauty is gone...

    Are you from Florida? Sorry to hear, I totalled my orange Mustang on I-95 (Broward County) last year, wasn't my fault. The car was promptly replaced with another Mustang.
  3. I drove a 911 992 S yesterday and I genuinely think my 22 mustang gt is better!

    As much I like new 911s, I like my Mustang more, it has more "soul", its an american muscle car. But if someone wants to trade a brand new, souped up 911, I am all in 😂
  4. Front Floor Mats

    I drive barefoot to the grocery store when leaving in crocs.. 😁
  5. Houston, we have a problem!

    I don't go to those..too afraid another Mustang will crash into mine.. 🚗 :cwl:
  6. Is the engine cover needed?

    How do you like the Steeda intake? Mine wasn't behaving so I returned it.
  7. S550 diecast collectibles

    Get it get it!
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Got an oil change today at Ford and it was almost free since I used a bunch of my Ford points! Was a pleasant surprise. 🚗 :champagne:🎉
  9. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    Even if you don't change your oil often, at least check the level and top off. 😅
  10. Driving Gloves

    I have black Harley Davidson gloves, sometimes I wear them, just for fun. I sold my bike 😅
  11. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    It's a Steeda "Street Wing"
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Nice, can you take a picture of the rear/back of the car, please?
  13. To wing or not to wing

    Definitely wing it. My car came wing free, not even the lip. I was debating for a while since it did look nice .. but then my inner evil prevailed and I had the wing installed (Steeda did it).
  14. First time at strip with Roush.

    When I floor mine on the road (when no one is around) it never bogs. Launching it from a standstill. I drive a manual though. My charger was added August 2023. Not sure if its the tune or not. You could check for updates. Those guys usually respond within 24 hours: [email protected]
  15. Making A GT Look Like a Mach 1

    Put on your Mustang what you want. For 99.9999 % of the people out there its a Ford Mustang, and not a Mach1, Shelby, Ecoboost., etc. All they see its a Ford Mustang. Who cares. 🚗
  16. Cold air intake in fender well

    Chicken wire 😅
  17. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – January 2024

    Omg, you're in Pompano! I know exactly where that picture was taken. Cheers.