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  1. Midstang

  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all, be safe
  3. Production Numbers GT500

    Lets hear opinions on the production numbers for the proposed GT500. Same or close to the GT350 ? maybe limited production ? :ford::ford::ford:
  4. Performance Mods

    Now that the dust has settled, in the FORUMS opinion, which Performance mods have the greatest return ie: HP gains. Excluding 1. Flex Fuel changes. 2. Cat Removal. 3. Engine Error Codes. 4. Warranty Issues. Thank You :ford::ford::ford:
  5. Shelby GT350 FOB

    Any ideas on how to get a extra GT350 FOB. My local dealer is clueless says they are not available, any help would be appreciated. :):):frusty: