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  1. Schwerin

    Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Why not the CD4 like the Continental? That supports AWD, so RWD could be possible.
  2. Schwerin

    New Rubber & Wheels !!!

    That's a lot of money the original owner lost on that car then, and a lot saved by the buyer.
  3. Schwerin

    GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    Thanks for the part number I've added it to the sheet
  4. Schwerin

    Was the Bullitt a great deal after all?

    I wouldn't say a "lot" but there is a decent amount.
  5. Schwerin

    help identify this mustang

    Yeah that would be the issue. The 3.0TT EB is already at 400HP, it would NOT be a lot more to toss a good tune, and some breathing mods to be over the GT'460 and Bullitt/Mach1 480, likely with better TQ to go with it. Just a tune and FMIC they are rolling deep 12's, weight more than a Mustang...
  6. Schwerin

    Was the Bullitt a great deal after all?

    Likely, it was some of both + COVID.
  7. Schwerin

    2019 BULLITT GT 500 Hood

    Same, it looks like it wasn't properly lined to meet the bumper and they just brought it down at the last moment. There isn't any reason they couldn't have addressed that in pre-production.
  8. Schwerin

    Was the Bullitt a great deal after all?

    I've driven both, didn't really notice enough of a difference to really care, both feel like they need a 4.09+ or should just have the 15-17 gearing.
  9. Schwerin

    help identify this mustang

    Improved nannies help a lot with that too.
  10. Schwerin

    help identify this mustang

    Yes, because I could afford it. If not, I would have had no issue getting an Ecoboost with performance pack. I was originally intending to do so but found myself getting a much better deal on trade than I expected at a dealer that had a Bullitt for under MSRP. I also don't look down on people...
  11. Schwerin

    help identify this mustang

    What's wrong with an EcoBoost? It's more HP and TQ, and responds better to mods than any NA pre-5.0 v8. In 2003 310hp and 330TQ was a "man's car" suddenly now that a 4 banger is able to make that much it's for pussies?
  12. Schwerin

    Mach 1 Engine vs Bullitt Engine

    Which is the same as the GT350, just has a resonator hanging off the inlet tube, and a tweaked Throttlebody
  13. Schwerin

    Mach 1 Engine vs Bullitt Engine

  14. Schwerin

    Mach 1 or performance pack 1

    I'll have to go by my local Rail Yard, there is a place you can see the cars loaded /unloaded from the road. Wonder if any Mach1's are there.
  15. Schwerin

    Was the Bullitt a great deal after all?

    I just feel like for that big of a price difference it should be more than just a wheel/cooler gain. I feel like Flex Fuel or more of the PP2 bits should have been more standard. Heck, even the red calipers are a $500 option now. Even a shaker or a hood designed more like the 71+ Mach1 would...
  16. Schwerin

    Was the Bullitt a great deal after all?

    Looking at the Mach1 page, to spec out the same options as my Bullitt (but no leather seats for some reason) the Mach1 is $57,500. Thats almost 5K more than my Bullitt was. I know the Mach1 has the GT350 tranny, a wider wheel and an extra cooler or 2, but is that REALLY worth a price hike of...
  17. Schwerin

    Mach 1 Engine vs Bullitt Engine

    I suspect the biggest change will be a more refined/tweaked ECU tune. That may leave teh same peak numbers but have a better power curve. Which, realistically a good proper 91+Oct tune will be better than anyway, and an e85 tune will be MUCH better than. I had hoped that Ford would make the...
  18. Schwerin

    Worlds Fastest Mt82 Stock Engine?

    Thats DAMN impressive!
  19. Schwerin

    Bullitt owners - How many are modifying their Bullitt to enhance its performance?

    Im doing mostly suspension stuff to make a nice corner carver. The only things I intend to do to add power are a mid-pipe, and eventually an e85 tune.