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  1. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    You gotta warn a guy before posting something so arousing
  2. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    I didn't count those as that's a whole other level of enthusiast beyond 99.275% of us on here even :crackup: But yes, those are rad!
  3. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    This is what the dark horse should've been...leave the 5.0 to the GT trims, and have what you described as the halo as a base, then a more track focused spec off that base. Inflation and all things considered, the above, even with the track spec should be under 75K. It's going to be...
  4. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    That's a very out of touch analogy... You need a professional driver to squeeze out the difference the 350 gets over a M1 HP. The outgoing 2020 GT350 base price was 59K. A 2021 M1 HP manual was 60K. Also: LOL. You must've walked up to a mach 1 base. Edit: I honestly prefer the 350...
  5. Trade Mach “up” to a GT350 or keep it and modify?

    I'm not gonna beat a dead horse or offer something super subjective because you've gotten plenty of that. What I would do in your case: Drive your M1 to go test drive a 350. If you decide the 350 is it, then you've got 3 options. Get a 2019+, get a 2016-2018 with a documented Gen 2 installed...
  6. How do i find out my previous owner?

    Semi stalker status buttt: If you have the zip it shipped from, find out what area that is Go to facebook and search for a mustang group local to that area Post a pic, ask if anyone knows the owner Aside from finding a random harley davidson receipt in the trunk like I did LOL, that's probably...
  7. Rusted parts on new 2023 Mach 1

    If it makes you feel better, here's a recent (very blurry lol) screenshot of a component of my garage kept fair weather car. I was a little surprised too like you but, all good.
  8. Grabber Yellow undesirable?

    I would try to sell on the forums, facebook marketplace, cargurus private sell before trading. Will you make more than what you'd save on taxes trading? I think you definitely could. People love or hate that type of color. They're usually short runs, and a low percentage of total production at...
  9. First M1 maintenance

    You had plenty of other reasons but this one you need not follow for your next oil change interval. Plenty of people driving their mach 1s in much harsher conditions for longer than 3000 miles with no issue. More power to you if you want to, but it's just wasted time/money to keep a 3K interval...
  10. Service advance track BS

    I just had a thread on this. May not be your case, but something to check at least. Service advancetrac | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  11. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Did you get cloth recaro? or cloth base? Edit: NVM I see it's cloth recaro. Where are you located in the US of A?
  12. Tired of hearing about the Voodoo sound

    I gotta chime in here, having owned (IMO) the best stock sounding 5.0 setup, and a GT350. Here goes: A max volume setup on a 5.2 sounds equally bad as a max volume setup on a 5.0. I had a shifteck on my 350, and even that, sounded bad at certain points in the rev range. I liked the WOT sound...
  13. Service advancetrac

    That's the best explanation I was able to find. Thanks. @BigR4444 was also curious myself. The service advisor was like yeah man...IDK.
  14. Service advancetrac

    Ok folks. Here's the update. "Found DTC FOR RF abs wheel bearing tone ring. Inspected tone ring and found a small piece of metal on the rf wheel bearing magnet. Removed metal piece from bearing. Cleared DTCs test drove concern no longer present. Repair complete." The pic is crummy bc it's a...
  15. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    NICE! So glad you got a new Gen 2 covered on the ESP. And you have your OEM warranty for 3/36. Sitting pretty.
  16. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    In my (friend's) experience back in 2018, very much not the case. The bill they saw was around 24K then, I could easily see that being closer to 30K now. He went through two. Ford gave the local service department strict instructions to not teardown prior to sending out. One was swapped under...
  17. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    If you can drop $20K outa nowhere, carry on. Otherwise, spend the 3Kish and just cover your powertrain. Unless you got extremely unlucky, anything else that might crop up should be very manageable.
  18. Where are all the velocity blue Mach 1's?

    NICE! I got a mav on order....hot pepper red. We shall see if I ever get it LOL.
  19. Where are all the velocity blue Mach 1's?

    If I uh, panned the camera around, you wouldn't say that 😅