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  1. California Ford Performance deck lid trim panel

    This is a like-new part that's being offered at under half off new cost. That's before even tax and shipping. Not sure what more you could want. Knocking a few bucks off, sure. But knocking off a few bucks and adding free shipping on a 3+ foot large package is absurd all things considered. The...
  2. California Ford Performance deck lid trim panel

    People are literally offering like 70 shipped. Or 200 bucks for the camber plates I have (also barely used). The cheapness of some of the people here is amazing. I have a feeling some of these parts I'm just gonna end up dumping at the landfill.
  3. California Ford Performance deck lid trim panel

    I couldn't find the previous thread looking through multiple pages and through my own post history. Says I created a thread but doesn't link to it. Price isn't set in stone. Thanks.
  4. So thinking of trading the Mustang....

    That was a funny bit. I imagine OP must also only travel in brand new planes, stay in brand new hotels etc :crazy: Anyways, congrats on the Supra!!
  5. So thinking of trading the Mustang....

    If that is so then may I suggest you also try one of the M3/4 with the dual clutch?
  6. California SVE SP2 PP2 replica wheels

    Another 19x11 setup here: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/my-apex-19x11-squared-mustang-build.147644/
  7. South Carolina WTB 19 inch wheels

  8. California Ford Performance X-pipe (excellent condition!)

    Air-oil separator sold. thanks Jeff!