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  1. TDStuart Tuning Adventure

    What are all your mods
  2. What's your offset?

    Offset depends on how wide the rim is as well. I run +38 on 10.5" all around
  3. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    Should be extra fast then. What color is the power band?
  4. Mustang GT. What RPM is it okay to Floor it?

    My advice is get your class A. Drive an old Pete or Mack 10 speed and do that for a few years like a real gawd damn man before you come in here bein whiney on how to shift a little girls car. Jk lol
  5. Mustang GT. What RPM is it okay to Floor it?

    Hell yeah brother let it eat
  6. Mustang GT. What RPM is it okay to Floor it?

    No offense but are these the normal people who drive modern day performance cars? I hate this era. Lol. Shits wild.
  7. Mustang GT. What RPM is it okay to Floor it?

    Same, or the SS 10 speed.
  8. Rev Hang After Hard Pull - '19 GT

    It's a built-in logic in the tune literally called "rev hang". It's as simple as enabling or disabling it. I'm more old school so I don't like or care for any of the electronic "helpers" so everything I could disable, I did.
  9. Other Drivers Behavior

    I always get someone in a Tesla or 350z or literally anything even a mini van go flying by me or romping on the gas pedal. Ive stopped at a light and actually asked them before if they're ok because they drive like a moron. Some people are weird. It's the modern day car culture. Full of weird...
  10. Decklid panel fitment

    I have an aftermarket decklid and it fits like shit too. I will try this. Good thread
  11. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    It's ugly but this is the one. https://www.maperformance.com/products/hks-super-sqv4-blow-off-valve-black-edition-71008-ak005?gc_id=20327837969&g_special_campaign=true&gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjISG3Jj8hQMV8olaBR1_qQdfEAQYAiABEgKLgvD_BwE
  12. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Yeah, I could definitely weld it in but I don't have a tig welder. Only a fluxcore cheapo one. I'd prefer just to bolt it on to keep it simplistic but you're absolutely right!
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I honestly kind of like the way HKS's BOVs sound... But I don't think there's a way to retrofit it onto the ess intercooler
  14. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Do you know which BOV is the stock one that comes with the G3 kit? IK cant remember anymore and forget what it looks like now lol. If this is a direct bolt on ill probably go this route first considering its more convenient. Thanks
  15. Tire question here because FI.

    Am I wrong? One is more or less for drag racing the other is more or less for the track. That's my experience with them and what I know of them. Either way it answers the OPs question about them in the rain. Not sure why you're so mad. Share your expertise if it can help OP decide. Looking...
  16. Diagnostics and Tuning Device Questions

    The last time I loaded a log from the ngauge into vcm it looked funky as hell and had strange readings. Plus it only shows a couple parameters. The RTD will be able to log just like the MPVI as far as I know as long as you have a channel list loaded into it as well. The vcm scanner logging is...
  17. Tire question here because FI.

    Lol wut? That's not what I said. I said I have owned both. They're similar. Basically the same tread pattern. I didn't say I bought one and was sold the other. Not sure how you got that out of what I said. Here I'll try to make it easier to understand what I meant. In 2014 I owned a pair of R's...
  18. Diagnostics and Tuning Device Questions

    What did your tooner tell you? If it's not tune related logging it may or may not help you. The RTD would probably be your cheapest option but not sure tbh. If you're already tuned wouldn't you already have one? Or do you have an old tune through the ngauge?
  19. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I also want to change the BOV that came with the kit. I want something more obnoxious. Lol
  20. Tire question here because FI.

    I am referring to the R2, sorry. The R is basically the same tire, with a softer sidewall. Both wear just as fast. Same tread pattern. I've owned both here in Florida. With a few burnouts after about 11 months they're toast.