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  1. Adjusting camber in the rear?

    Less camber (a 'more' positive numerical value), you'll pull the arm outward. More camber (a lower numerical value), you'll push the arm inward.
  2. Post AutoX tire wear; input?

    I so wanted to blur that out! LOL I was all puckered up!
  3. Post AutoX tire wear; input?

    Got a pic of my car rolling the sidewall over.. I think this shows 32psi hot was not nearly enough..
  4. Post AutoX tire wear; input?

    In hindsight, I think the "excessive wear" mention was the wear observed on the outside edge relative to the wear across the rest of the tire. It looks like I hammered the outer edge and didn't use much else of the tire. It is my hope to understand if this was a result of the pressures I ran...
  5. Post AutoX tire wear; input?

    This past Sunday I attended my 2nd ever AutoX event after my first event earlier this spring pre-COVID. My first event the car was brand new, bone stock, and I was brand new to driving anything even remotely sporty after a long hiatus from having fun with anything related to autos. I'm hoping...
  6. Street Setup

    I have a brand new, unused set of Steeda camber bolts I'd let go for $25 shipped if you're still looking for a solution.
  7. 18+ Dry Carbon Hood? Who makes them?

    I'm curious if anyone makes a dry carbon hood for the 18+. I see Anderson Composites makes dry carbon doors and truck, but I didn't see any mention/listing of a 18+ hood. Anyone in the know?
  8. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    I was able to isolate the clicking noise to the bearing by doing just want you did and put the rear of the car on ramps to load rear rear suspension. When I remove all tension load (torque on the fastener) it will stop all clicking noises. I can confirm that. But if any meaningful torque is...
  9. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    I too immediately realized that and called Dion back. He 100% confirmed that the subframe opening was 1.13" The total length of each misalignment spacer is 1.28", which includes the smaller OD portion of the spacer that fits inside the ball (0.675"), leaving the 0.51" larger OD portion of the...
  10. JustDSM's 2020 Oxford White PP1 "Mig"

    Thanks Ian for stopping in. I did reach out to Chris on 7/7 but I have still yet to hear back. I have returned the Borla system to Summit Racing where it was purchased and they opted to warranty the system out by accepting the return on the item.
  11. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    Ok.. Just returned home from a week-long backpacking trip and after my previous post where I stated that I only had the binding/bouncy ride issues, I can say that my bearings are now creaking/clicking. As I mentioned previously, I slightly reduced the clamping load by backing off the front...
  12. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    I'm going to be the first to raise my hand and say the technical talk of the few posts that follow the one I'm quoting are just a bit outside of what I'm qualified to speak on. :) But I do understand the argument both you and Brian make. Based solely off what I experienced the other day simply...
  13. JustDSM's 2020 Oxford White PP1 "Mig"

    Thanks for dropping in! Did your exhaust make it across the pond (safely I hope!) yet? I surely hope the issues Justin and I had were isolated. The fitment wasn't horrible by any means, but after spending that kind of money I would at least expect the tips to align evenly in the rear valance. I...
  14. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    Not sure exactly when it'll happen, but I'll have mine out soon and I'll measure what we're working with.
  15. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    That was my thought. Not sure how I could get a measurement on the thickness of the inner ring/ball. Any tips/tricks from the engineer folks? My best guess is a micrometer.
  16. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    Interesting.. Simply loosening the rear LCA bolt that goes through the BK055 about 1/8 of a turn was all it took to go from "pogo-stick" like ride, to normal. I put about 100 miles on the bearings and the bouncy ride continued until the moment I loosened up on that fastener, the ride improved...
  17. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    I just finished up my BK055 install and also had a seriously "bouncy" ride. I actually wondered if my suspension was bound up it was so firm feeling. I'm thankful I came across your above post, as I just performed a similar proceedure to see if it would have any affect on my "bouncy" ride. I...
  18. Thoughts guys...4.09:1 gears or the FRPP Power kit for my 2020 Mustang GT PP1 manual

    The BDM is what has the gear ratio programmed, and the BCM feeds the ECU the "data". You can force the issue with the ECU and set it manually (what the tuners do). See below: Stock 2020 Mustang GT PP1 configuration: As you can see from above, the tire size and gear ratios are set to "Learn...
  19. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    Apologies for the "off-topic" nature here, but when did the SuperPro bushings hit the street? Haven't seen much mention of these prior to a few recent posts.