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  1. Vivid Racing Tune

    I have have had vehicles tuned for 40 years - Palm Beach for a race prepped GT350R - their guy left mid tune so I had to start over with a new company - I trailer it to 1/2 mile events and have a Rover SVR - I have had a few - a tune makes it pull better makes the MPG a little better and I have...
  2. Carbon Ceramic GT upgrade

    Great upgrade for the Shelby GT350R - true plug n play using Ford GT rotors
  3. 2018 Shelby garage sale

    Aaron’s Shelby garage sale (everything is in great shape) Set of Michelin Cup2 with 112 miles -2019 GT350 295 front 305 rear - $800 for set New GiroDisc 2-piece front $1000 2019 solid rotors front and rear 300 miles - $300 (2016-18 were OEM drilled and 19-20 came solid for no fatigue)...