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  1. sigintel

    Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Search "panamera" on this forum? Go back 4 years. I dont think as much of the incremental 4 door design study stuff was released/leaked as it evolved as we would have liked (can we request more leaks? lol). I do NOT have any 4door stuff. Ford is totally capable of providing a product line...
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    As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    Just see if the bed is wet in the morning. If so, you passed. oh.. oh my...
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    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    I screwed up? Was offered 100k warranty on 2018. Already had a GT350 suspension, and 3 sets of track wheels and tires. 2018 was cheap with crazy trade in they gave me on 2015. (2015+$9k OTD). Was endurance racing an Audi wheel to wheel at the time and figured when we binned the Audi I'd go back...
  4. sigintel

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    Until you get passed on track by a $10k cheaper/lighter camaro... That is the problem, 1SS 1LE has been around for years and ford answered late, overweight, and over budget.
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    Video: Mustang Mach 1 driven by pro driver Rick Kelly, using flat shifting on track

    New IBM dc in Australia FTW. IBM is feeding its people crack and roo meat they keep building dc like crazy all over world. Now if theyd just go public w search engine...
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    Video: Mustang Mach 1 driven by pro driver Rick Kelly, using flat shifting on track

    Dear Ford (Hey Boomer): Facebook is lame. The End Facebook video gives lots of “video unavailable” errors, has inconsistent geographic video content serving, not to mention the political baggage. Vimeo? Youtube? Update: yeay its back up...
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    Oil pump gears help

    Bend a cheap thin type ratcheting wrench: do NOT get a colored thick laminated sheet steel type Get this type or similar:
  8. sigintel

    Fi engine longivity

    FRPP track suspension. Stay stock for hpde x2 seasons. Add E85 tune x2 seasons. I tracked a Whippled 2015 for two seasons in Texas. Uhhhh, I went thru some parts due to durability issues: 3 diffs $800 3 primary chains (lashed out) $200 1 long block $3700+400ship 6R80 steels oem cheapos 3 sets...
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    Compression test

    Lol. Thats awesome. Kingsford or Royal Oak ring mod FTW!
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    Covid Shots

    3 pedal A10? Clutch pedal in allows neutral revs plus auto selects 1st gear and adds steering input towards nearest curb or bystanders?
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    Covid Shots

    The vaccine doesnt stop you from contracting Covid. It simply primes the immune system to limit the damage. After you get the vaccine you can and likely will still get the virus and it will start multiplying in your body, however, your immune system gets the equivalent of an 8 week head start...
  12. sigintel

    4 hour open track session.

    Ask the organizer and ask again at drivers meeting. Usually it is stressed to everyone that you are all out there working together as a team to share the track and help set up the driver behind you to get by so you can both get back to having fun. if you get bunched together with 1 or more...
  13. sigintel

    Has anybody seen anti matter blue in real life? How does it compare to Kona?

    Ignore all the hype. Its not a hard finish to maintain. Just get a good sander w 360 grit and some rattle cans (canary yellow, metallic m&m blue, etc). every week when you wash, sand down to primer and then rattle can a fresh coat on. Always start on the top side and sand a little less...
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    4 hour open track session.

    Consider working up to longer sessions. Maybe allow yourself mentally to relax by coming in after first 20 minutes. Then when fresh, consider going out and simply running till you feel yourself mentally falling off, even if just slightly. Then consider coming in. Work up to what you find is...
  15. sigintel

    What components of the engine have lead material?

    What time of year was the lead spike? after a winter of only starting once per 4 weeks? or after sitting 3 months and starting cold? Look up the oil viscosity: 5W50 at 255F(124C), make this minimum viscosity 5W50 at 220F(104C), make this your target optimal viscosity running +17.9cST 5W50 at...
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    What components of the engine have lead material?

    I changed a cracked engine oil cooler once and the owner said lead rose slightly next oil change. It is totally possible the bar and plate cooler is brazed with leaded flux or leaded brazing alloy. Fuel contamination of oil and oil chemistry itself might increase solubility of lead from heat...
  17. sigintel

    Fuel pump hoses

    I snagged an extra stock pump basket to do exactly that. Was gonna set up a microcontroller and watch fuel level sensor for each basket. inputs: port and starboard individually : level, temp send/return, current, voltage in/out (regulator), RPM? outputs: port pump OFF/ON12V/ON18V, starboard pump...
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    Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    ! ehhhh Wtf this thread about? Little fresh in here boys. edit: sry sry. apologies. carry on.. :facepalm:
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    Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    We might need a new thread specific to the business case of expanding a popular and aesthetically coherent design language from one vehicle design to a broader range of vehicles.