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    TT V8 and 5.2 CPC is what I've heard as well I don't know if they're one in the same.
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    Ford Motor Company Employees

    Hello, My name is Joe C. I've been a member here since the beginning and I am writing this to let you know that Ford Motor is granting allocations to Ford Employee's and allowing them to select a dealer to take delivery of their new Shelby GT350s. I have experience with the VIP program and...
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    Just Leased My new GT

    Lease is about right for a Mustang GT the money factor is something like 9-10% on a two year. residual is in the mid 60s
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    2015 Shelby GT350R in Jay Leno's Garage

    For the 15 vehicles we received Ford "recommended" MSRP. Obviously a dealer is a separate entity from Ford and can do as they please but the customer held the allocation so if we refused they could easily go to a dealer who would let them pay MSRP.
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    A-plan for Friends and Family

    Ford just announced that Ford employees and retirees will be able to give out one AZ-plan to a friend or not otherwise qualifying family member who drives a 1995 or newer Non Ford vehicle lease or owned. This program starts today and runs until February 29, 2016. You can use it on any Ford...
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    GT350R at Road & Track Performance Car of the Year (Updated: Winner!)

    Amazing car interesting to read the last sentence which said the GT350 won by an overwhelming margin. Goes to show that you don't have to spend 200,000 to get something special on the road and track
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    Village Ford Demo

    It's A plan eligible its eligible for all available incentives and finance programs. It has factory warranty. It will also be marked down beyond those incentives with extra dealer rebates. It has never been registered so it will be a one owner car according to all documentation. Just trying...
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    Have any '16's or even 15's been delivered yet?

    The Shelby's I'm expecting should be shipping by next week. Only 350s are shipping R's haven't achieved ok to buy. They're all 15s so far do have some 16s on order but haven't heard when those will arrive.
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    1025whp / 900wtq...

    This is absolute insanity. Good luck can't wait to see some videos!
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    Village Ford Demo

    Window Sticker
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    Village Ford Demo

    Village Ford Demo Mustang pictures Mustang Demo Pictures
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    Village Ford Demo

    Hey everyone it's that time of the year. My boss, the lucky hard working guy that he is gets to DEMO a Mustang every summer! I'm including pictures of the vehicle as well as the window sticker. Please note it does have some add-ons beyond what is listed on the sticker. Over the top...
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    Focus RS allocation

    Guys I'm sold out right now. If anyone is interested I can put their name on a list. We sold out two days after the order banks opened so I'm crossing my fingers that Ford may award us with additional allocation for MY 2016.
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    Focus RS allocation

    Hey guys I have an allocation for a Focus RS available. We are selling the car at sticker and all we ask is for 1000 dollar deposit and approved credit. You can order this vehicle today. Let me know
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    Lot Attendant Hates My Mustang (Dashcam video)

    If you were to complain about this I would think you are just looking for a fight. Like others have said this employee did nothing to hurt your car. Even if his opinion is out there and wrong IMO he doesn't deserve to lose his job. Honestly it just seems like the OP is looking for attention.
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    How does your woman let you drive when she is in the car?

    My girlfriend acts like every time she gets in the car with me she's going to die. She sits way up in the Recaro's and I try to tell her to lean back and relax. Everytime I shift she slams back in the seat and tries to get back into her upward position. She doesn't like to go fast and she thinks...
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    Ford Reveals New Ford GT - V6 EB Twin Turbcharged - 600 HP

    Yea Ford is courting them at the GT rally. It is ongoing through Friday in Dearborn they had a big showing at WHQ yesterday very cool to see that many GTs all together.
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    Post your MPG's

    I drove up north to Traverse City from Metro Detroit last weekend and I was on my way home and I decided I'd take it easy and see what kind of mileage I could post. I was shocked. My route is a little under half country road highway (55-65) and free way (75-80) 87 octane. 5.0 manual 300a recaro...
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    2016 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    I could be wrong but I'm looking at the order guide and you cannot order a non premium GT or EB convertible. All GT convertibles are premium all EB convertibles are premium.
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    Village Ford Dearborn Stock Order Inventory

    Yea it is sorry I'll keep updating when we get any new S550s