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  1. Glacierbrew907

    2020 Mustang Order Guide Attached

    Any idea when the 2020 build and price website will be up? Wasn't it up in May last year?
  2. Glacierbrew907

    Car in for new engine at dealers and stolen last night!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The car is worth more than $80,000" :angry:
  3. Glacierbrew907

    Pickup vs Delivery vs Ordered car - pros/cons?

    Nice! Good to know there's more to go. How did you approach the dealer? Online or in person? I'm willing to go out of state and do long road trip back. What color you going with?
  4. Glacierbrew907

    Pickup vs Delivery vs Ordered car - pros/cons?

    Does this look like a good deal to you guys? Rebates would be added later.
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  6. Glacierbrew907

    Whipple Supercharger Install

    How much does Galpin charge for the Whipple install?
  7. Glacierbrew907

    Mustang6G Members Map

    Dang so the member map that's been in the making for a long time is locked because the hosting company got greedy? Time to start a new one with another site
  8. Glacierbrew907

    Best twin turbo company

    LPF kit seems to rip.
  9. Glacierbrew907

    Having 10spd problems.

    I know, I just mean the pattern of problems
  10. Glacierbrew907

    Having 10spd problems.

    There was a guy I talked to at a local meet with a 10 speed auto that had the same issue. The dealer had to replace the valve body. He just got the car back after waiting 6 weeks for the fix and he broke down again within 10 minutes of starting the cruise. I was really hoping to not see a...
  11. Glacierbrew907

    Shop in Lancaster/Palmdale

    Only place I've tried was R&E racing for lowering spring install. They left their spring compressor thread tool in the rear spring when they gave me the car back, it did some damage I found out a year later when I did my second spring install. Customer service wasn't good there either. After...
  12. Glacierbrew907

    Palms to Pines Cruise

    Weather clearing up for tomorrow! Who's in? 03 Jo 15GTCA 16pandagt 728 PONY Agent_Kay Aras arnoldsoccer Ashiq73 AttiS550 Azzurro Bama16 bbtt bcdstang @Bhermz Bhoris Bigtim352 BluByeU Blueoval4x4 BrazukaV8 Brometheus bruinfan17 byklin carguy Charlie1987 Cobra Commander d132 daltron DanielIvan...
  13. Glacierbrew907

    Palms to Pines Cruise

  14. Glacierbrew907

    What's the lowest you've let you gas get to?

    I thought there was more of a buffer after it shows 0 miles and ended up running out before lol. I got around 7 more miles out of it after it showed 0 miles :doh:
  15. Glacierbrew907

    Powder coat brake calipers

    You can do it your self pretty easy for about $25 and save the money for more mods! How much was the quote to have a shop do it?
  16. Glacierbrew907

    Steeda S550 Pro-Action Shocks and Struts - Now Available!

    I installed the fixed pro actions with Ultralight Linear Springs and black differential bushings a few days ago. Way better! I tested it going down the 405 freeway here in Los Angeles, it's got everything from small bumps to expansion joints that you can catch air off of lol. Before with the...
  17. Glacierbrew907

    Meet & Cruise: Palomar Mountain/Lake Henshaw - September 9, 2017

    Parts should be here Thursday, I got a spring compressor tool from AutoZone tool loan, borrowed an impact gun from tazor ready to install
  18. Glacierbrew907

    Meet & Cruise: Palomar Mountain/Lake Henshaw - September 9, 2017

    I haven't been on a cruise in forever! My shocks & struts couldn't handle another canyon run lol. That's what I get for not getting the performance pack. But I took advantage of steeda's labor day sale and got their pro action shocks & struts with linear springs. Hopefully I can install them...
  19. Glacierbrew907

    2016 Mustang GT shuddering

    I'm having the same problem as the op where is studders when engaging into first. Started at about 25k miles. Does it intermittently, but more when it's not warmed up yet. I have a feeling it has some uneven hard spots on the flywheel, car had 60 miles on it from test drives before I bought it...
  20. Glacierbrew907

    SoCal Meet & Cruise: Palms to Pines - June 3, 2017

    Put me down for this one +++++++1