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    Performance Pack 1 price increase?

    It actually increased mid year 2020. I have an early 20 and the package was 3995. One of the reasons I scooped it up.
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    Do you Daily your Mustang?

    I had a winter beater when I had my 13 GT. It was a money pit and my GT just sat unless it was nice out. I still managed to curb rash one wheel. I daily drove my 15 GT for 3 years in Chicagoland. Even after 3 winters that car was in the nicest shape of any i had traded in. My 20 that I got in...
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    Disable Intelligent Access?

    Yes it is. I disabled it through the digital dash.
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    Would you buy a Mustang with a fully manual DCT?

    Definitely not if it's just paddles. I had the DSG in my GTI and never used the paddles. It was basically an auto to me. If there were a stick maybe?? I feel like I would definitely kick the floor a few times looking for a clutch but if I can get used to auto rev-matching I can get used to not...
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    2021 Mustang Ordering / Production Dates

    99.9 % sure and that's only because I'm too lazy to actually look up the confirmation of cancellation.
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    2018 or 2019 GT reliable question

    My 15 non performance pack had the tick and I just heard the 2k rattle in my 20 PP1 for the first time which was a bit disappointing. Also, I never thought twice about shifting my 15 at redline and never had any lockout issues. In my 20 I can definitely feel that at redline going into third I...
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    Mustang Q2 2020 sales numbers (incl. Camaro & Challenger)

    The 0% for 84 finished off the 19s and the 0% for 72 on the 20s did a pretty good number on the inventory in my area.
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    Normal 10 speed automatic behavior (quirks)?

    Crazy to read this. I rented an ecoboost in HI and it did everything your describing. The hard shifts, the desire to get to high gears, the R-D lurch. It seemed confused. It literally only felt good with my foot to the floor. I had an Edge Sport with an auto at the time that was butter smooth so...
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    What other cars did you consider before you decided on your Mustang?

    I traded in my 15 GT before my son was born. I drove an STi, SS, Stinger GT, Charger Scat Pack and a Fusion Sport. I comsidered an Accord but never drove one. Same with the Type R. I narrowed it down to the Charger and the STI. I ordered an STi but at the last moment I bought an Edge Sport...
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    What do we (6 speed GTs) lose too, stock for stock?

    We had a rental EcoBoost in HI with the 10R80. It was nowhere near as punchy as my GT at any RPM. However, I think it's all subjective. My first car was an SHO, I had 2 8th Gen Si's, and now this is my 3rd 5.0. I LOVE high revving normally aspirated cars. I've never really been a turbo guy even...
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    How to sell a new GT350

    I agree with the consensus on this. Get the car fixed and either pursue buy-back or keep the car. When I was looking at used GT350s in a moment of weakness the cheapest ones were either 16 tech packs or had engine replacement/lemon/buy back on the CarFax. And there were plenty. While I wouldn't...
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    2021MY Mustang Facelift spied again?

    Yeah I get that and considered that myself. I had a 2k private offer that was expiring in May to stack on the deal I had already negotiated with the dealer. With that plus the 0% financing and the PP1 going up another 1k midyear I figured this was the best time to buy for me as it would be...
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    2021MY Mustang Facelift spied again?

    As a selfish recent buyer of a 20 I hope they don't give the 21 the Mach 1 front clip. However, I'm not sure how they can justify the cost of 3 different front ends for the GT, Mach, and GT500. The last Mach didn't have a different front end from the GT other than the splitter which makes sense...
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    This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    To me Ford did a great job here with the Mach. They listened. Some of the main gripes I have read/heard about the GT have been the trans, the lack of coolers, the inability to get the 10 speed with the PP2, and the Cup 2s being the only tire available with the PP2. Basically the Bullitt wasn't...
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    Anyone else get the tire/rim protection package?

    I got talked into triple care ( Wheels/tires, dents, windshield) by the finance guy when I bought my first 2015. It was 479. The day after I bought the car I hit something in the road and my tire went flat almost immediately. Had the car towed to a Ford dealer and the tire replaced for free the...
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    2019 5.2 Voodoo Bbq / typewriter tick

    My 15 5.0 had this sound after every oil change. This is the BBQ tick as I understand it. I used full synthetic oil and read a thread awhile back from another GT owner who wouldn't give up regarding the tick. In the thread a field engineer did indeed diagnose it as cavitation. The thread stated...
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    2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

    I really hope they go back to the single pipes for the GT. The quad pipes are kind of gimmicky and it bothers me how you can see exhaust flow more out of one tip instead of evenly which eventually leads to one tip with more carbon build up.
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    Any Gt350 owners have experience with Subaru Sti?

    For a daily I'd go Golf R. When I had to get rid of my GT due to my son being born I drove an STi and actually ordered one but just couldn't go through with buying a car that was basically worse than my wife's Focus RS in every way other than back seat room. Drove a used one as well that rattled...
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    Purchasing in the Winter Time

    I also have been watching the prices and I would agree with thill444 in that now is just about the best time to act. Most dealers seem to be pricing the 19s in line but with the end of month and year around the corner I would imagine there is some room. Once the year clicks over the dealers are...
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    Ford Performance by Borla Sport Catback

    Sorry man it is gone.