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  1. dps

    Photograph of the Month - March 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    I love the angles on this car and the reflections. Glad March is here, so she can get out and stretch her legs.
  2. dps

    GT350 POV Drive in the Netherlands

    I missed this when it first came out, but it is a nice spirited POV drive in the Dutch countryside
  3. dps

    Sulfer/Rotten Egg Smell from Exhaust

    Pretty common catalytic by product. Nothing to worry about (yet) periodically and will diminish over time. Once you notice this, you'll notice coming from other cars as well. Usually result of fuel components (not fully combusted) getting to the converter. Keep and eye on it, but I wouldn't...
  4. dps

    Mach 1's & GT's on their way home

    @Twin Turbo makes a great point - these were heading east - most likely to the Philly port for export.
  5. dps

    Mach 1's & GT's on their way home

    At least 3 full carriers - lots of Fighter Jet Grey Appearance Package cars.
  6. dps

    Mach 1's & GT's on their way home

    Heading to their dealers today in PA
  7. dps

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    I have to admit, I really like the Mach 1 styling. Colors choices are weak and if I could put the Tremec Manual in a GT PP, I'd go that route but that trans is a big selling point. All this would be relevant if I didn't own a GT350.
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    not yet - in march.
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    A "new" R crossing the block at Mecum Glendale next month -
  10. dps

    Considering a used GT350. Are there alot of rattles in interior?

    Drive one - all your questions will be answered.
  11. dps

    GT500 top speed test.

    as advertised I guess with that limiter.
  12. dps

    I know it’s a Lexus but............

    I'd consider with a manual and a different exhaust configuration - what's is that!?
  13. dps

    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    'til death do us part
  14. dps

    MPG. Why are so many people obsessed with it?

    I know the mpg of every car I own. MPG = $, but I also own my GT350. I know what to expect on MPG and know what it costs at the pump. Each of my vehicles has a purpose and a cost of ownership. It isn't about being obsessed - it's about having the right expectations. I don't expect my GT350 to...
  15. dps

    Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    I like the Bemaro products as well as his communication style. I picked up some splitter lettering and a few other things in WW. Was considering the steering wheel tape - can you share a pic? Was considering WW vs GB.
  16. dps

    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    @honeybadger had my idea first :). I was going to say any year as long as it is a HEP :)
  17. dps

    Larger Diameter Front Tire Question

    Some of my neighbors have this Bridjit set up due to curb dip (not splitters on the GT's), but it's the first thing I'd try.
  18. dps

    Rear license plate mounting

    My dealer didn't want to install the plate - worried they might do something wrong. I told them they've obviously done this more times than I have - and to put the plate on. Which they did.
  19. dps

    Big Ass !!

    Great work on keeping that paint looking like a mirror.