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  1. Who still has the C-Pillar rattle/buzz?

    The little blower in the seat
  2. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    That's great Paul, thanks for the feedback too. IMHO 12 hours would seem to be excellent for all that, no doubt he's done a few. Very interested/relieved to hear it's quieter at cruise did you notice any performance difference? Glad you said it was done on jack stands, that photo of the rear...
  3. Washing/Waxing/Detailing

    @DFB5.0 that's an excellent point, I use a Makita blower and a drying aid so a mitt for buffing would presumably be just fine. But this really got my attention... The SMITTEN DRY Mitt. This unique tool was designed by the TRC team to eliminate towel drag when using a large drying towel on...
  4. Washing/Waxing/Detailing

    Thanks DFB5.0 great advice as always. I've had a hankering to go with mitts where possible as they seem to be more ergonomic although maybe have less real estate for jobs like drying etc. if one adheres strictly to the short pile / long pile directions No need to excuse the Falcons, always a...
  5. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Yes I'm running AWE Touring also and can't rate it highly enough. Re tune I was just thinking that from a performance perspective you might want to get it tuned.
  6. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    :like: Who's tuning it Paul? IIRC AWE Touring system?
  7. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Interesting concept, can we have a trial volunteer to do the rims?
  8. Washing/Waxing/Detailing

    @DFB5.0 do you use the BGS for interior duties or is this just a candid pose in its natural environment? Serious question, I use the Plush Daddy only because it's recommended but then it's all microfiber really...just wondering.
  9. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    :idea: Because...they may not have dumped in your location and put dirt on the car, and then you wouldn't have to detail it ?
  10. My 17' GT didn't have any oil......

    Get it checked at another place but don't tell them about the low oil just present it with codes and other symptoms, the current place might just have been trying to drum up work for themselves.
  11. Chassis Stiffening importance...?

    Agree, hence I guess why the article goes on to explain the importance of considering bump stops as an important part of overall susp tuning for the intended purpose. Squishy or rigid doesn't matter as long as it works with everything else noting oems don't always get it right either.
  12. Chassis Stiffening importance...?

    Good article here: Many car manufacturers use the rear bumpstops to add to the main spring rate to support this extra load and maintain a safe handling balance and level ride. The bumpstop also has a...
  13. Chassis Stiffening importance...?

    Makes sense, IIRC the S550 bump stops - as with some other cars - are part of the overall suspension tune and not just for preventing shock damage.
  14. P51 Wheels & Centre Caps Issue

    Was thinking the same thing given what I've read about the oem bearings. IIRC the local Mustang whisperers said they've replaced about 20 sets. One of mine was done at 25k km and I don't track it.
  15. P51 Wheels & Centre Caps Issue

    Mmmm ok must take a lot less moisture etc to kill the bearings than I thought.
  16. P51 Wheels & Centre Caps Issue

    Via where though? The rim seals against the hub, and the cap seals the center bore. Presumably you'd see it if enough water or grit was getting in there to make a difference?
  17. P51 Wheels & Centre Caps Issue

    If the rim fits around the hub correctly, and the centre cap also fits correctly, it's not clear how anything much is going to get in there.
  18. My 17' GT didn't have any oil......

    What's the dipstick reading now?
  19. Twister Orange Mach 1 in Australia

    Who cares. (j/k!)
  20. Twister Orange Mach 1 in Australia

    Holy sheet! That looks GOOD. Front bar is terrific, quite similar in some ways to the 2015+ GT. Still don't get the thinking behind the grille, IMHO it's a kind of halfway solution.